Top Questions from Our Customers: The “How”

Couple unpacks and uses a checklist

Have you ever wondered how the Zippy Shell process works? How does one receive their container or how does our storage process work? We have the answers to some of those frequently asked questions for you!

A recurring inquiry is a pretty basic one: “How does your process work?”
It’s so easy! You pick the appropriate size container for your project and we will deliver it in our Zippy Shell, which is our trailer on wheels. We bring it directly to you, and you are allotted three days to pack it full. The container has a convenient ramp that pulls out for easy loading. Then, when you’re all done, we’ll swing back by to pick it up and store it at our secure, climate-controlled facility.

Deliveries are usually between 8:00am and noon. Zippy Shell process may vary location to location. To find out the hours of your local Zippy Shell, give us a call at 888-947-7974!

We should add that for insurance reasons, we only allow our certified drivers to move the Zippy Shell. We park it for you and then we place a block on the hitch so that no one can hook up and steal your belongings.

Lots of customers also ask, “Can I just bring my belongings to your facility?”
Sure thing! We can pull a container for you at our facility for you to load on site (and this will save you a delivery fee, too).

Now the big question: “How does payment work?”
Zippy Shell secures 50% of your fees two business days prior to your initial delivery date. The other half is billed once your portable storage container arrives at the Zippy Shell destination warehouse, or on the 31st day after your initial origin delivery date, whichever dates comes first.

Finally, “What if I get the one container and I need another one?”

We will be happy to bring another one to you. We can let you fill up that first one, and when we come to pick that up, we’ll bring an empty Zippy Shell with us for you to load. Just give us a call and let us know what you need and we will make it as simple as possible for you to meet your needs.

So, there you have it! Moving and storage with Zippy Shell is super convenient. Your first step is getting a quote. We are eager to hear about your upcoming move, so that we may provide an affordable quote!

8 Genius Bathroom Storage Hacks

Modern bathroom with storage space

Your bathroom contains a lot of important items that you use daily to get ready. It is hard trying to fit all those valuables into a small space, so use these tips to fit all your toiletries into your bathroom. Your morning routine will become a breeze and your items will be much more organized!


All your bottles of shampoo and lotions can fit nicely into spice racks, as spice racks are meant for storing small containers.  Just screw them to the wall to create extra space for them.


Install extra shelves in unused empty space, such as above the door.


You can use magnet strips to keep track of all the tiny bathroom items you have. They are great way to organize bobby pins, tweezers, nail clippers and most hair clips because these are already magnetic. You can also glue small magnets to the backs of your makeup to keep them organized.


Hang up coat hooks instead of towel rods to maximize space. You can hang up multiple coat hooks within the space that just one towel rod would fit. This is great if you are sharing a bathroom with someone.


Build a shelf over the top and sides of your toilet.  This extra space doesn’t seem like much, but it can fit a lot of your small items like small hand towels, candles, etc.


Attach a PVC pipe to your wall to store your hair tools, like a blow dryer.  After using your tool, it is very hot and having the PVC pipe gives it a place to sit and cool down and stay out of your way.


Use a small wine rack to efficiently fit your hand towels on your sink by rolling them up to fit in each slot.  It is very elegant, yet practical.


On the back of your door, hang a shoe organizer. You will be able to fit countless bottles or items without having to take up any of the space within your bathroom!

Tips for Upgrading to a Larger Home

Brick Home

Whether you are moving into a bigger apartment with your significant other or moving into a house and getting ready to start a family, the time has come for you to upgrade your living situation! Leaping into a bigger home may seem very fun, but there are some critical things to consider before picking out your new, larger home. Use these tips to make sure you are fully prepared for the upgrade!

Consider when big is too big

Bigger may not always be better. Sometimes, the more rooms a home has, the smaller each room is. Determine how many rooms you need, and which rooms and spaces are most important. That will help you find the ideal-sized home.

Prioritize your goals

Make a list of all the goals you have in your life. This will help you figure out the specific reasons you wanted to upgrade in the first place. Consider the family size you want to have, if you need a big dining room to host dinner parties, if you want a large backyard for BBQ’s, and anything else that may relate to the size of the home you purchase. 

Compare neighborhoods

Upgrading to a bigger home can often mean moving into a completely new community. If you are moving from an apartment to a house, picking out a specific neighborhood will be a crucial part of the process. Your dream home will only be your dream home if it is in the right neighborhood. Be sure to consider things like proximity to the city as well as to your other neighbors.

Prepare for more expenses

Moving into a bigger home means taking on more significant payments. Large expenses such as your mortgage and taxes are going to increase. The greater the house, the more utilities it will use. More lights, sinks, and toilets will add to your electricity and water bills. Be prepared for the size of the upgrade you can handle considering what you can afford monthly. Also, the more rooms you have, the more furniture you will need and the more space you will have to clean!

Tips for College Freshman Moving Away from Home for the First Time

Even after deciding where you want to go to college, it may not feel real until you have to pack up your belongings to take with you. Packing for an entire year away from home can be a challenge. Check out these tips to help make your move to college as smooth and efficient as possible. 

Declutter your items

Often, people have way more belongings than they need. By cleaning out all of your items and prioritizing what you actually use, you will be able to determine what is necessary to bring with you to college. Use some of these decluttering tips to help get you started! After you get rid of some of the items you will need, your move to college will be a lot easier – and lighter!

Start packing early

Giving yourself extra time to pack will ensure that you pack your items efficiently. Being organized ahead of time will allow you to make sure you have all of the things you are going to need. This will also help you identify the items that you don’t yet have that you will need for the year. As long as you have started packing within the week before your move-in date, you will be fine!

Plan out what you need to purchase

You are going to be missing out on the luxuries of a fully-stocked house for an entire year. Make a list of the items you are going to need to purchase for your new school year. This will prevent you from showing up to school and realizing you are missing essential items to survive your freshman lifestyle.

Be prepared for move-in day

If you can, arrive early on move-in day. Beat the hustle and bustle of all of the other students who are trying to move in at the same time as you. Unpacking early will give you extra time to make sure that you have everything that you absolutely need. If you find that you have forgotten a necessary item, this will provide you with the extra time you need to run over to the nearest store to pick it up. Try to bring an additional family member or a friend to help you move in to speed up the process. 

Are you packing up for the entire year? Contact Zippy Shell for during your winter or summer break so that when you leave campus, your items don’t have to. Our storage options will save you the effort of moving your items back and forth every time you have to go home on break. Read more about how Zippy Shell can help all college students move and store their items here!

How to Pack Your Fridge for a Move

Packing for a move may seem straight forward, but there are a lot of factors that make it harder than packing for a vacation. You will have to pack every single item in your house, including the awkward, large ones. There are going to be a couple of steps you will have to go through while packing your fridge. Make this process as simple as possible with these tips!

Clean out your fridge

To prepare your refrigerator for its move, you first need to clean it out completely. This is going to be one of the last things you clean out before you move because you use your fridge daily. Most likely, you will do this within a week of your move if not less. This way, you will be able to use your fridge for as long as possible until you must move out. Start by emptying any unwanted, expired food, and throw it away or run it through your garbage disposal. After you empty it, you should unplug it, and open the doors for a few hours to make sure any remaining water has evaporated. Once you have completely emptied your fridge, wipe down all of the drawers and shelves so that no residue remains. Make sure the entirety of the outside is clean as well.

Disassemble your fridge

It may not seem like your fridge has any pieces to be taken apart, but this is a crucial step. Remove any drawers or sliding shelves from the inside of your fridge and freezer. This will prevent them from sliding around or breaking inside the fridge while being transported. Wrap up these pieces in blankets or towels to keep them safe without having to purchase any packing material. Secure the doors of your fridge with a rope so that they do not fly open during transportation.

Measure your fridge

Take simple measurements of the dimensions of your fridge before you attempt to move it. This will allow you to know which hallways and doorways your fridge will be able to fit through. You can then move it outside to the moving truck through the easiest route in your home.

Use Zippy Shell Moving & Storage

Don’t want to load up the fridge yourself? No problem! Ask about our loading and packing service referrals to help with your heavy lifting. We will bring the moving container straight to you and can help load everything up for you. Whether it’s across town or the country, we will pick it up and move it safely to your new home right away.

How to Get Back into the Business Routine After a Summer Vacation

After a long vacation in the sun, going back into the office can be a tough transition. However, with just a little planning, you can make your return much easier and less stressful!

Tie up all loose ends before you leave for vacation

Start planning for your trip a few weeks before you leave so you have plenty of time to get organized. Do what you can to finish up all of your time-sensitive work before you leave for vacation. Anything that can wait until after you get back can wait. This way, you won’t have as many urgent projects immediately upon your return.


Make sure you tell your team and your colleagues well in advance of your vacation. Give them ample time to ask you questions or get your input on a project, so your leave won’t hold anything up.

Balance out the work you must do

If you are gone for a week, or even two weeks, you will likely get a little behind on your work. Don’t stress about it too much! Put a detailed list together, estimate the time each project will take, then schedule how much work you need to catch up on each day. This way, you can finish all of your makeup work efficiently, rather than trying to tackle it all in a day or two. You won’t be expected catch up on everything on your first day back, so ease yourself back into all of the work.

Prioritize your tasks

A full inbox is nothing to be afraid of. Read through your oldest emails first, so you do not miss anything due relatively soon, and finish with the most recent emails. Keep in mind that you will not need to reply to all of these emails as well. Reply to the ones that require an urgent response and leave the rest for another time. Once you have read through all of your emails, write out all the tasks that have been assigned to you. Prioritize their deadlines, so you know where to start.

Don’t forget to give yourself a break

Yes, you were just on vacation and got to relax, but that doesn’t mean you are not allowed any downtime now that you are back to work. While you are working hard to complete your tasks, stop, and give yourself a coffee break or a short walk. You will only be able to make up all of your work if you have the energy and focus. Don’t try to push through an entire day without stopping for a couple of breaks.

Replicate a vacation

The vacation may be over, but the fun isn’t! Take some time to catch up with your coworkers. It’s also a great idea to plan a fun activity for that following weekend, or a nice dinner out Friday night. This will help you push through your first week back in the office.

Outdoor Party Planning Tips for the Summer

Summer outdoor party

Are you planning a party any time soon? These tips are sure to help your event go smoothly! An outdoor party requires a little more thought than an indoor party for multiple reasons. Use these tips to ensure you will have a fun outdoor party in the Summer heat.

Outdoor canopy tent

Whether your party is during the light of day or the dark of night, a canopy tent will be perfect for you. During the day, the tent will provide shade for all of your guests to gather under. At night, you can string lights along the tent to serve as a fun decoration, as well as a resourceful glow.

Tiki torches

Tiki torches serve as a multi-purpose product. They are pretty and add a fun vibe to an outdoor setting. They also serve as bug repellent and can help your guests have a more enjoyable time by keeping bugs away from the party space.

Easy access silverware

When trying to hold a plate full of food in one hand and your drink in the other, grabbing silverware on top of all of that can be a problem. Make dining easy for your guests by arranging packets of silverware tied together. This simple addition allows them to easily grab a pack of cutlery while holding their food instead of trying to balance it all while picking out individual utensils.

Have enough seats

Even though the party is outdoors and most people will likely be standing around your yard, have some chairs on hand. You will want to set up seats at any empty tables you put out. However, not all the seats must accompany a table. Line a few seats here and there in a small circle or pair two seats together. This will provide your guests with the comfort of being able to sit down as well as conversate with one another.

Don’t forget lights

Most outdoor parties run from midday until nighttime. This will require you to provide some lighting for your guests when it starts to get dark. You don’t need to do any drastic measures, and just a few small lights will do the trick. A string of lights is perfect for attaching along a fence, deck, or even your house itself.

Yard games

To keep the guests entertained, lay out a couple of yard games for everyone to enjoy. Frisbee, horseshoes, corn hole, kan jam, and spikeball are all huge crowd-pleasers. If kids are attending your party as well, get out some whiffle balls and bats, soccer balls, footballs, and whatever else you have on hand.

Need some extra space to make room for a big party this Summer? Zippy Shell has you covered! We offer flexible temporary and long-term storage options and can keep your stuff in one of our nationwide facilities. We even offer local and long-distance moving services if you need it! Zippy Shell is here to make moving and storage simple for you!

Top 5 Fun 4th of July Party Must Haves

July 4th party in backyard

With 4th of July coming up this week, finalize your party plans with these tips! Fourth of July is a great holiday to get together and party with friends, family, and neighbors. Celebrate this holiday the right way with these genius party ideas.

USA Flag cake

A flag cake is a fun dessert that everyone will get to enjoy. Use any cake that your crowd prefers, including ice cream cake, cookie cake, a classic cake, or another crowd pleaser. Ice the cake with white frosting for the base layer of the flag. Place blueberries in the top left corner of the cake to symbolize the stars on the flag. Finish it off by lining strawberries or raspberries in lines across the cake to mimic stripes and enjoy! Use some of these recipes as well to add to the American treats you serve!

Grilled corn on the cob

Corn on the cob is a classic 4th of July food, so make sure you have it at your BBQ. Corn on the cob is a great crowd-pleaser that is easy to make, and you can season it in a variety ways, depending on crowd preference. Cover it in Old Bay, cheese, parsley, BBQ sauce, and so much more!

Red, white, and blue tablecloth

A decorative tablecloth is exactly what every party needs to embrace the holiday. It’s an easy addition to a party that adds a significant effect. There are a variety of red, white, and blue tablecloths that you can buy, or if you’re feeling crafty you can even make your own! Feel free to fill the table with patriotic centerpieces as well. Check out one of our other blogs that explains how to make one out of bandanas along with a few other decorations you can try!

Patriotic cocktail

Garnish your favorite cocktail with strawberries on the bottom of the glass and blueberries on the top to create a red, white, and blue effect from top to bottom. This works great with a vodka soda or a gin and tonic to create a transparent color, emphasizing the colors of the berries.


Sparklers are an easy way to replace fireworks and are much safer for everyone to use than traditional fireworks. Make sure not to point the sparklers at anyone and use them in an open space outdoors. Sparklers can be fun for children to use as well, but be sure to not let children under twelve handle sparklers on their own and supervise their use at all times! Anyone using the sparklers should not wear open toed shoes to protect their feet from stray sparks.

Top 8 Reasons Why Downsizing is a Good Idea

Downsizing often has a bad reputation, but there are indeed many benefits that can be overlooked. Whether you are choosing to downsize on your own, or you need to move to a smaller home for other reasons, don’t fret because this can be a good change for you!

  1. Financial benefits

By downsizing, you are going from a larger home to a smaller home. This will enable you to sell your large house, allowing you to buy a more modest home outright or put a sizable down payment on it. Not to mention that your new home should have lower maintenance costs and bills due to its smaller size.

2. Fresh start

Those making a move often have a reason for it, such as children moving out or the loss of a family member. Whatever your reasoning is, use this opportunity to give yourself a fresh start. Your new home will allow you to explore a new area and create new memories for yourself.

3. Bigger is not always better

Because you will have less space, you’ll need to have fewer belongings. This does mean there will be less to clean, organize, and furnish, thus reducing the amount of time you’ll spend on daily chores. A smaller home also means a smaller yard and less time spent in it cleaning. You’ll have fewer things to worry about and more time to enjoy yourself you can use to travel, pick up a new hobby, etc.

4. Fun additions

With the extra money you are saving from downsizing, you can spice up your new home with some fun décor or entertainment. You can even create a whole new room that you never had in your old house. This can include a game room, a library, or a gym in an empty room.

5. Bonding opportunity

Having a smaller home allows the occupants of the house to be closer to each other. It provides better space to bond with one another and creates a cozy living area together.

6. Save energy and water

Running a large home can add up to a lot of utilities. Cooling, heating, and water usage alone are much higher in a large house compared to a smaller home. Decrease your carbon footprint, all while enjoying a lower utility bill in a smaller home. Save additional water and energy with these tips too!

7. Necessities

When you have less space, you are going to be forced to have fewer things. This isn’t a negative though because now you will only have the belongings that you need. You will no longer have the option to hoard countless appliances and clothing that never gets any use. Take advantage of this opportunity and have a yard sale with all the belongings that don’t have a place in your new home. Any items that don’t sell in the yard sale can also be sold on eBay or Craigslist, or you can donate it.

8. Less splurging = less clutter

A smaller space will mean you will be less tempted to buy items that you don’t really need because you won’t have anywhere to keep them. This will help you become a smarter shopper and only buy the necessities.

If you are in the process of downsizing, contact Zippy Shell to help you move all of your belongings to your new home! We can service moves of many sizes, and even offer storage options if you need it.  Call us at 888-947-7974 or go online and get a free quote today!

7 Family Vacation Travel Tips

Family with kids at airport traveling

July is the most popular month for many families when it comes to going on a vacation. Whether your family is traveling locally or going out of the country, make the most of your time and money and use our tips to make it a perfect vacation!

1.    Give yourself extra time

When planning out a trip with the kids, remember that everything is going to take longer to do than it normally would. Children will naturally be fussy on any long trip, and will need to stop frequently for bathroom breaks, to eat, etc. Build in some extra time into your travel itinerary so that you are not rushing to the airport or miss out on activities you want to do because you are short on time.

2.    Make plans ahead of time

When having a whole family to keep track of, making plans on the fly can be tricky. Make sure to book your flights and hotel arrangements way ahead of time, so you know exactly where and when you will arrive. From there, you can also book sightseeing activities, tours, theme parks, and much more.

3.    Be transparent

Let your children know exactly what is going to happen throughout the trip and try to set behavioral expectations up. This will help them behave at each point on the trip at the airport, hotel, restaurant, etc. While kids will be kids no matter the situation, if they have a general idea of the timeline of events, they might be a little more behaved throughout the vacation.

4.    Bring entertainment

When your children start to get antsy on the trip, you are going to be the one they complain to. Electronics are always an easy portable activity they can use during the downtime moments of your trip. Consider also bringing toys or board games for when you are all hanging around the hotel.

5.    Pack snacks

Hunger may be the difference whether you have a good trip or a bad trip. A hungry child is never a happy child, so keep your children provided with food throughout the journey. Pack some easy to grab snacks for your children when they get hungry, and don’t forget to pack some for yourself as well! Just keep in mind your mode of travel; if you are flying, travel rules may prohibit you from taking some food items and drinks on a plane.

6.    Get your kids a disposable camera

Children love to imitate adults, so while you are taking pictures with your fancy camera, give them a disposable camera to take photos alongside you. They will love getting to join in on the fun and it doesn’t cost much to buy a couple or to replace if it gets damaged.

7.    Ask for child discounts

There is almost always a discount for children when participating in vacation activities, especially at theme parks and restaurants. Check online or ask at the venue if there are any discounts that are available for families with children. The money you can save from all of the places you visit and stay at can add up.