5 Easy Ways to Save Money When Traveling

Traveling to new places can be fun and exciting but the expenses themselves can quickly rack up. Some costs are going to be unavoidable, but you can lower your total price if you use some of these strategies!

Be truthful to yourself when booking a room

When booking a room, you will quickly learn that there are many options to choose from. Most hotels offer countless amenities that seldom get used. Consider what resources you will actually need during your stay. If you are barely going to be in your room all day, consider opting for a smaller room with a less-impressive view. Also, decide if you are going to be using your hotel’s pool or gym. If you are not, try finding a hotel that does not offer one, which may lower the price of your room overall.

Take advantage of your hotel’s amenities

Your hotel will most likely offer a complimentary breakfast, so check to see if they are serving one. On top of that, try out the coffee in your room to save yourself the time and money it would take to go out and buy a fresh cup of coffee at a café. “Dining in” will allow yourself to get fueled up early in the morning and have more time to explore where you are traveling. If you have leftovers from any of your meals, keep them in your room’s refrigerator to use as a “free” snack later.

Book at a central location

If you are going to be sightseeing around the city, consider booking your hotel in a central area of town. This should place you within walking distance of more places. See if there is a subway, bus route, or if your hotel has a shuttle as a cheaper alternative to calling multiple taxis.

Check for free activities

There is almost always going to be a free activity in the area that you are traveling to. If it seems there isn’t, consider merely going on a stroll through the new area you are exploring and take in some of the sights and views it has to offer. Often, cities will offer free outdoor movie showings, museums, fireworks, and so much more, so make sure you search to see if any activities are going on where you are traveling and what days they are available.

BYOS (Bring Your Own Snacks)

If you are planning a long day of exploring the city, make sure to bring snacks with you. This is even more important if you are traveling with children. Having snacks with you will quickly add up savings from not having to buy vendors’ snacks. This will also help you make it through the day with three solid meals versus having to continuously purchase munchies along the way. Pack waters with you as well to stay hydrated and avoid overpaying for a single bottle of water.

7 Family Vacation Travel Tips

Family with kids at airport traveling

July is the most popular month for many families when it comes to going on a vacation. Whether your family is traveling locally or going out of the country, make the most of your time and money and use our tips to make it a perfect vacation!

1.    Give yourself extra time

When planning out a trip with the kids, remember that everything is going to take longer to do than it normally would. Children will naturally be fussy on any long trip, and will need to stop frequently for bathroom breaks, to eat, etc. Build in some extra time into your travel itinerary so that you are not rushing to the airport or miss out on activities you want to do because you are short on time.

2.    Make plans ahead of time

When having a whole family to keep track of, making plans on the fly can be tricky. Make sure to book your flights and hotel arrangements way ahead of time, so you know exactly where and when you will arrive. From there, you can also book sightseeing activities, tours, theme parks, and much more.

3.    Be transparent

Let your children know exactly what is going to happen throughout the trip and try to set behavioral expectations up. This will help them behave at each point on the trip at the airport, hotel, restaurant, etc. While kids will be kids no matter the situation, if they have a general idea of the timeline of events, they might be a little more behaved throughout the vacation.

4.    Bring entertainment

When your children start to get antsy on the trip, you are going to be the one they complain to. Electronics are always an easy portable activity they can use during the downtime moments of your trip. Consider also bringing toys or board games for when you are all hanging around the hotel.

5.    Pack snacks

Hunger may be the difference whether you have a good trip or a bad trip. A hungry child is never a happy child, so keep your children provided with food throughout the journey. Pack some easy to grab snacks for your children when they get hungry, and don’t forget to pack some for yourself as well! Just keep in mind your mode of travel; if you are flying, travel rules may prohibit you from taking some food items and drinks on a plane.

6.    Get your kids a disposable camera

Children love to imitate adults, so while you are taking pictures with your fancy camera, give them a disposable camera to take photos alongside you. They will love getting to join in on the fun and it doesn’t cost much to buy a couple or to replace if it gets damaged.

7.    Ask for child discounts

There is almost always a discount for children when participating in vacation activities, especially at theme parks and restaurants. Check online or ask at the venue if there are any discounts that are available for families with children. The money you can save from all of the places you visit and stay at can add up.