How to Unpack Your Kitchen

New home with a clean kitchen

Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home, so you are going to need to get it unpacked right away when you first move into a new home. Use these tips to help start the process off on the right foot! 


Make sure all of your boxes are clearly labeled before you make your move. This way you can unpack your most essential items first, like pots, pans, plates, bowls, cups, and silverware. You are going to use these every day, so keep them close at hand when moving your belongings inside. 


Unpack your most used items in easy access areas, such as cupboards that you can easily reach for simple everyday use. Organize your silverware in the drawer next to your dishwasher to increase your likelihood of putting away these items right away. Follow by placing dish towels in the drawer below this. Keep your cooking utensils such as spatulas or pans in cabinets next to the stove. 


Depending on whether you upgrade or downgrade, the amount of purging you may have to do will vary. However, in either case, it will be necessary. Consider donating, selling, or throwing out unnecessary mugs or dishes that haven’t been used in years to make room for your essentials. If you are moving with kids, get rid of all the extra sippy cups they have outgrown, and maybe allow yourself to save just one for sentimental value. Be sure to discard duplicate items, such as multiple can openers. 

Keep areas free 

Except for a few items like your beloved coffeemaker or toaster oven, keep your counter free of clutter, so it does not become a habit to unload items on the countertops frequently. Having open counter space allows you to prepare food easier and makes cleaning a breeze. 

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