8 Little Touches to Personalize Your New Home

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How do you turn a new apartment, condo, or house into a home? You personalize and put your stamp on your new place! So now that the boxes are unpacked, it is time for the fun part. Use this list of little touches to personalize your new place and turn it into a home.

  • Decorate your home to reflect your personality and style. Find a way to integrate the things you love in the design of your new home, and you will see how quickly the space will gain personality and warmth. You want your house to match your personality.
  • The entry door is artistically referred to as “The Portal to the Soul of Your House.”  Changing out the front door or painting it a bright color door is a great way to express yourself. Check out the inspiration found here to help your front door stand out from the crowd. If you update the front door with paint, don’t neglect the hardware. A new knocker and doorknob in a matching finish will complete the look.
  • Consider adding vibrant accessories like flowers, planters, or door decorations to your entry point. Welcome signs, welcome mats, and porch furniture are also a great way to incorporate pops of color and make the space feel personal and welcoming.
  • Put your personal photos on display. While artwork you adore certainly has its place, photographs will give your home a personal touch. Hallways and stairwells can be ideal for photo galleries making it easier to stop and get a closer look.
  • Don’t hold back on using a big, expressive color for your new home if that is what appeals to you. Any color can look good as long as it truly suits your style. Of course, you can always paint an accent wall to introduce a pop of color without going all out. Choose a wall that is seen the moment you enter the space for the most impact.
  • If painting is not your style, consider using a fun wallpaper for an accent wall. Wallpaper is making a comeback, and current styles are fashionable and easier to apply/remove than ever. Help a small bathroom or the laundry room feel more cozy and personal with a bold wallpaper.
  • Adding different textures to your home decor is a simple trick to make your home more personal and welcoming. Surrounding yourself and guests with items like fluffy carpet, textured rugs, smooth wooden furniture, faux fur pillows, and other cozy items will make everyone feel comfortable.
  • Incorporate some live greenery. Plants are a fantastic and inexpensive way to add color and life to a room. From tall leafy plants to fragrant flowers, experiment with different plants to bring life to your rooms and make them more inviting. Plants are not only a beautiful decorating tool but are proven to balance humidity and clean household air as well.

Enjoy your new home and the new adventure it brings. Zippy Shell will always be here to help you with any future moves or provide storage as you are getting set up in your new life!

Top 4 Decorating Hacks for Small Spaces

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Bigger is not always better, and that is true when it comes to your home! Less space means fewer belongings, which means less cleaning and maintenance, giving you more time to enjoy life. Smaller spaces can be a challenge to decorate, but with a bit of planning and a lot of creativity, you can make it work. Follow these tips for decoration inspiration.

  • Give the illusion of more space with your color palette. A monochromatic color scheme or even varying shades of the same color can make the area feel larger. Soft, pale, neutral colors on the walls and floor will give the biggest illusion of space.  An abundance of dark colors or contrasting colors in a small space can feel overwhelming and like the room is closing in on you.
  • Use reflective surfaces like glass and mirrors. Mirrors are a must-have decorating tool for small spaces. Large mirrors will bounce light from windows and create the illusion of more square footage. Mirrors reflect light and reflect the view, thereby tricking the eye into the perception of more space. Just remember that you don’t want the mirror to reflect a cluttered or cornered space, as that will defeat the purpose.
  • Think vertically. Create storage where there once was none by adding floating shelves to your walls utilizing the vertical space. Mounted storage cabinets are also a great space saver and will give you more storage options. Desks, TVs, and lamps are other items that can be mounted on the wall to help turn wall space into floor space. You can also think vertically by drawing the eye upward with a fun light fixture, crown molding, tall window treatments, or high shelves.
  • Illuminate your small space with good lighting. Small spaces often end up feeling dark due to having small windows or a lack of windows. The first step is to pull in as much natural light from your windows as possible. Make sure light coming in from your windows is not being blocked by furniture or other stacked objects. In areas of your home where you might need a light-blocking option, such as the bedroom, consider a layered window treatment approach. Having one layer to block the light and one to allow it in will offer flexibility without compromising the natural light. When making plans to light the rest of the room, use multiple sources of light rather than just one. Try vertical floor lamps in the corners of the room for an expansive open feeling.

Zippy Shell is the perfect solution for those looking to downsize or move into a small space. With portable storage, you can forego the hassle of having to drive your extra belongings to a storage location, as a storage unit can be delivered to your home where you can load your belongings into it directly. You can cut your work in half by only loading and unloading one time into portable storage containers versus multiple times with self-storage. Check us out today for answers to any questions you may have!

Fun Fall Decor Ideas

Fall Decor

If you have walked through a store in the past few weeks, there is no question that fall is here—Halloween and Thanksgiving décor is everywhere! We have seen some Christmas stuff too, but we are not even getting started on that right now. If you are getting your home ready for the fall season, we have some fun décor ideas to get you started.


The dining table is a great place to start decorating for fall. After you put down a nice tablecloth and runner, you can get creative with a fall-themed centerpiece. A tall vase full of dried wheat bundles or a large bowl filled with pinecones, mini-pumpkins, or gourds, is a simple way to create a dramatic centerpiece in your dining room.


The fall porch and patio potted arrangements have arrived. You can pick up a gorgeous arrangement of plants and foliage to display on your front porch or even lining the steps up to your front door. If they are already in containers, the only thing you must do is keep them watered for an easy, yet stunning, decoration for your porch that you will love looking at all season.


Wreaths are great for any holiday or season for a festive way to greet guests or anyone who comes to the front door. You can buy one ready-made, or you can hop on Pinterest for some fun DIY fall wreath plans and patterns.


Use a variety of pumpkins, garland made from colorful leaves, and stringed lights to give your front porch that fall festival feel. Another idea we love is taking mason jars and filling them with small, battery-operated lights and moss for some earthy ambiance while you sit outside enjoying the cooler weather.


Bring the outside in by collecting branches to display in tall vases. If you are handy with power tools, you can even find downed thick limbs or trees to create wood slices to use around your home. Wood slices make great risers, placemats, or even coasters.


While we love natural decorations, crafted decorations work great for the fall season as well. Mixing the two themes can also be fun. You can take natural items like acorns, pinecones, or even pumpkins, and paint them in fun colors that you love. This is a great activity to get the kids involved in as well.

We hope you have fun as you start decorating your home for the fall season. Be sure to stop by our Pinterest page and check out our FALL DECORATING, FOOD, AND INSPIRATION board for even more fun ideas.


If you have a move coming up this year, or you need options for storage, give Zippy Shell a call for a free, no-obligation estimate.