How to Help Your Kids Adjust to Moving

During your move, make sure to take extra time to help your kids adjust to all the changes. Many times moves mean new schools, new friends, and a brand new routine. That’s a lot of change to digest at one time. These are our favorite tips for helping your kids adjust to the move!

Moving Tips During Wintertime

The winter is not necessarily the best time to move, but it can be less miserable with a few pointers. Most Americans choose to move between May and September, and the winter is notoriously slow for apartment hunting – which means you’re more likely to get a great deal on an apartment and save on your moving costs during wintertime.
Obviously, the downside to moving into your new place in winter is that you deal with the cold weather. Even if the sun is beating down all week, a sudden blizzard might pop up just as you’re pulling away in your car. Here are a few cold weather moving tips for a safe transition from old to new:
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