Ultimate List For Cleaning Kitchen Appliances

cleaning appliances

Are there actually people who enjoy cleaning, especially cleaning appliances that have all those nooks and crannies? If so, send them my way! Cleaning appliances is a dreaded chore for most, but it is an absolute must to keep bacteria out of your kitchen and keep your appliances performing at optimal levels. So, if it has been a while, start with one item on this list and enjoy a feeling of accomplishment when all is clean.

Microwave – Fill a microwave-safe container with a cup of water and a squeeze of lemon juice or vinegar. Microwave it until the water boils, about one to four minutes. Let it sit for a few minutes and then wipe all the loosened gunk away with a damp sponge. Leave the door open to let it thoroughly dry.

Stovetop – Your stovetop should ideally be cleaned after each use to remove all the spills and splatters that naturally happen during cooking. But a little baking soda and vinegar can be used to scrub away spills that have set in over time. Wipe everything down with a cleaner specific to your type of stovetop and use a toothbrush to clean out all the ridges and crevices. 

Oven – Spilled food and crumbs can lead to odors and smokiness that can cloud your kitchen and possibly affect the taste of your food. Make a habit of wiping spills quickly after using the oven, and you may never have to scrub it again! Most ovens are self-cleaning, but usually require a more detailed cleaning about every three months. The self-clean option doesn’t reach the gunk around door hinges and frames and the crumb-catching space around the oven. You may need to clean more often depending on how often you’re using it. Make sure to remove racks and clean them separately. Follow your manufacturer’s directions for best practices.

Dishwasher – It seems like an appliance like a dishwasher would be self-cleaning, right? But over time bacteria and leftover bits of food can create unwanted odors and make your dishwasher less effective at its job. It’s easy to clean your dishwasher about once a month by placing a dishwasher-friendly cup or bowl on the top rack filled with about two-thirds of white vinegar then run it on a normal cycle with hot water to sterilize. Afterward, use a rag or towel to wipe the edges of the door and rubber seal with white vinegar or your favorite all-purpose cleaner. Also, check the drain in the bottom of the machine for unwanted debris.

Refrigerator – Working in sections, take food out to clean away crumbs and spills inside the refrigerator. A little soapy water or a 50-50 solution of water and white vinegar will clean odors and make it shine. Every now and again you should clean the area around and behind your refrigerator as well. Pull it out from the wall and mop away the gunkiness you find back there.

Coffee maker – No matter what type of coffee maker you have, they all should be cleaned regularly for both good tasting coffee and to prevent bacteria growth. All removable parts should be hand washed with warm, soapy water or placed in the top rack of the dishwasher. To remove mineral deposits that can clog your machine, pour a solution of two parts water and one part white vinegar into the water chamber, insert a coffee filter, and run the solution through the machine. Then run clear water through twice to remove any lingering vinegary taste.

Deep cleaning, decluttering, and organizing can help you feel more in control and more productive. If you get in the mood to do even more deep cleaning, Zippy Shell’s portable storage units are perfect for storing items, giving you more space to clean and organize. Visit us at www.zippyshell.com for answers to any questions you may have and a free quote!

Organizing Hacks Make Great Stay-At-Home Projects


Many of us around the country are spending more time at home than usual right now. So, now may be the perfect time to open up your space and increase your productivity by getting organized. And we have just the hacks to help make organizing in the time of coronavirus quarantines less of a chore and more like a welcomed distraction. Check out these tips, create a plan, and get organized!

  • The organizational options are endless with pegboards. Save counter space by organizing kitchen, garage, office, or craft supplies. The best part about a pegboard is you can add and rearrange hooks and rods as your organizational needs change.
  • Magazine holders are inexpensive and provide so many ways to organize your home. Use these multi-functional organizing wonders for a gift wrap station, toilet paper storage, stacking items in your freezer or pantry, to hide your router, arrange flip flops or water bottles, and so much more.
  • Instead of digging around in the back of your refrigerator or pantry to find the ingredient you need, use a lazy Susan to bring the ingredient to you! Simply place a lazy Susan on the shelf and stock it with spices, jams, condiments, or other small containers then give it a spin to find exactly what you are looking for.
  • One of the best organizational hacks is knowing that shoe organizers don’t have to be used just for shoes! Cut them to size and use them for all your organizing tasks. Toys, pantry items, cleaning items, beauty supplies, baby clothes, gardening tools, school supplies – the possibilities truly are endless for what you can organize with these space savers.
  • There are so many different smart ways to get organized using a silverware tray. Use the compartments of these handy little trays to organize jewelry, toothbrushes/toothpastes, hair accessories, the junk drawer, batteries, art supplies, and more.
  • Paper towel holders are next on the home organizing hack list. Use standing paper towel holders to stack rolls of tape, ribbon, cookie cutters, or bangles. A side hanging paper towel holder can organize necklaces, scarves, belts, and can make a roll of garbage bags easily accessible.
  • PVC pipes are as accessible and affordable as they are great for organization projects. Cut, paint, attach and use them to store items like hair tools, power tools, shoes, headbands, craft supplies, garden tools, and many other items.
  • Add a handy magnetic strip to your bathroom for bobby pins, nail clippers, and tweezers. Unclutter the toy box a little by hanging matchbox cars on the wall using magnetic strips. You can also use a magnetic strip near your power tools in the garage to hold on to your drill bits and small metal tools.

While increasing your organization’s efforts during the pandemic, you might find that your best option is to store some of your lesser-used items. Zippy Shell provides simple, climate-controlled storage solutions and our contact-free delivery will give you one less thing to worry about. Learn more by visiting www.zippyshell.com today! 

5 Non-Traditional Spring Cleaning Tips

Smoke detector

Spring cleaning isn’t a new concept. Spring symbolizes “rebirth” and for many folks across the country it is a stimulus to engage in “spring cleaning”. However, there are a lot of things you may not know about “elbow grease” that could be super helpful when you decide to get down to the nitty-gritty.

Let’s explore some of the non-traditional spring cleaning tips outside of the regular spring cleaning protocol.

1. Media Detox: Constant stimulation from media sources can wreak havoc on your psyche, especially teenagers. It’s amazing how many hours we truly spend in front of a screen (think computer at work, phone in your hand, television in the evening, maybe a table before bed). We suggest taking a sabbatical from Instagram, Facebook, Snap Chat, and 24-hour news programming. Studies show that people become more anxious and depressed after being exposed to negative news reports. Trust us, you will feel less anxious by realizing that so much of the media is hyped up for dramatic results.

2. Smoke Alarms: If you already change out the smoke alarm battery on daylight savings dates, you are ahead of the game. The professionals recommend that you test your fire alarm units monthly. Always install new batteries (never mix old and new) as soon as the low-battery warning alarm sounds (or at a minimum once a year). Clean them regularly by lightly dusting or vacuuming them with a small brush connection. You should also replace smoke alarms every 10 years for the best performance. If you have yet to get on a schedule, put it on your spring cleaning list every year.  Avoid hearing the screech of your smoke alarm battery going off in the middle of the night!

3. Art of Mindfulness: It’s time to discover the art of mindfulness. It’s defined as the attentiveness to whatever we are doing – when we are doing it. It is deliberate and in the moment. Learn mindfulness skills and techniques to help you slow down and start living life in the present moment. Educating yourself on meditation is a great way to start this process. You could even embrace this movement with a simple task of adult coloring!

4. Change Filters: With the onset of spring in the south, we are already experiencing warm temperatures. Be sure and change your air conditioning filter so you can help keep out dust and other allergens from invading your home and your lungs!

5. Clean Your PC: This may seem like an odd tip, but it is quite important to help keep your computer performing more smoothly. Add defragging or optimizing your PC drive every spring to the spring cleaning list. Also, remember to set up a backup plan for your data.

These non-traditional spring cleaning tips should also spring clean your mind. Take the time to slow down, and remember that life is short, so enjoy it! And remember, if you need to store some items, consider a climate-controlled facility with Zippy Shell!