How To Choose an Internet Service Provider

When you move to a new home, one of the first things you will need to do is set up your new utilities. This task is typically scheduled a few weeks before your arrival date to ensure everything is on and ready for you when you first get there. You may not have many choices for things like electricity and water, but you might have a few options for your internet service provider. If you are happy with your current provider and they are offering to transfer service to your new address—that’s great! But if you are looking for something better and want a change, just tell your old ISP, “New home, who dis?” and then look at some of our tips for choosing an internet service provider. 

Research and Compare

Research and compare the available internet providers for your new address a few weeks before you plan to move in. Doing this will give you time to make an informed decision. If you wait until you arrive, you won’t have time to look through important information before your family begs for a Wi-Fi password. In addition, most companies want you to agree to stay with them for a specific time (typically 12-24 months), which makes it even more important to research before signing any contracts. Here are some of the vital questions you should ask of each internet company:

1. What speeds do you offer?

The location of your home will often determine your speed options for each company. For example, if you are moving to the country, you may have a more difficult time getting the speed you want compared to the available speeds in a busier or more populated area. Even some top-ranked internet providers may not have a plan that will work for your lifestyle. Call or utilize each company’s website to determine what speeds are available for your address. Remove any companies that do not offer high enough speeds for what you need.

2. What deals do you have?

If you are transferring service, you are unlikely to get any new deals or better pricing, but if you are switching internet service providers, you may be able to score a new customer deal. When comparing companies, be sure to ask what discounts are available. Be aware that these new customer deals are usually set for a specific period. After that time elapses, standard pricing will come into effect. Ask what that pricing will be before you make your decision. You can also shop each company’s bundle deals to see if you would like to add other services like tv, phone, or security to your internet package.

3. Are there data caps?

Data caps are rarely discussed or advertised when shopping for internet services. However, if you work from home or do a lot of streaming and gaming, you will want to ask about the data caps. Some companies offer truly unlimited data, and others will have a set number. They may slow down your internet or add additional charges to your bill if you go over that.

4. What are my equipment and installation options?

Most companies will give you the option to rent their official equipment or bring your own. This will come down to personal choice. A rental fee will raise your monthly bill and let you avoid a significant upfront expense. If you decide to purchase your equipment, be sure to ask for a list of modems and routers that will work with the plan. The type of internet and the speeds you will be getting will determine the type of equipment you will need.

It would help if you also asked about installation options. If you are comfortable setting up your modem and routers, you can opt out of professional installation. However, if you would rather have a professional visit your home to ensure everything is installed and working correctly, you will need to ask about pricing.

5. What do their reviews say?

Before making any large purchase or commitment, we recommend checking ratings to see what you might expect. You will likely see many negative reviews for any large company, so it’s good to compare overall ratings instead of focusing on each negative review. Another great way to determine the level of service that each company offers is to ask around to your friends and family—or anyone that lives in the area where you are moving. You can ask them if they are happy with their speeds, customer service, and prices or if they are unhappy and considering switching their internet service provider.

Zippy Shell Can Help You Move

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