4 Strategies to Live Large in Your Small Home

Small space living is a trend that is becoming more popular, but living in a small home does not have to pinch your style. Everyone wants their home to feel open and welcoming, no matter the size. With a bit of planning and creativity, you can find a way to live large in your small home.

Get creative with multi-purpose furniture. This will not only save space, but it will also save money as there’s no need to purchase multiple furniture pieces if you can have one item that can do more than one function. For instance, swap out your lounge chair or sofa for a sleeper couch. Replace your coffee table with an ottoman to double up as extra seating for guests. Try a room divider that includes built-in shelving. Buy tables and consoles with drawers to incorporate more storage space. Wall-mounted furniture is also another great space-saving option. It is easy to find wall-mounted tables and desks that pull down when needed.

Look up! Create storage where there was none by adding floating shelves to your walls utilizing the vertical space. Mounted storage cabinets are also a great space saver and give you more storage options. Televisions and lamps are other items that can be mounted on the wall to help turn wall space into floor space. Decorating the walls with subtle vertical stripes can make a low ceiling seem higher by drawing the eye up. The same effect applies to a fun light fixture, crown molding, tall window treatments, or high shelves.

Keep scale in mind. A larger room can handle furnishings and decor that are larger in scale. But the smaller the room is, the more petite the furnishings and decor should be. Low-slung furniture looks proportionally better in rooms with lower ceilings. Remember to leave “white space” in a room giving the eye a place to rest. A room rarely looks good when every square inch of it is filled. In the kitchen, slimmed-down appliances, including a 24-inch-wide gas range and a 27-inch-wide refrigerator, can give a small space a gourmet feel.

Be selective with patterns. Large areas of pattern can make a small space look busy. Try layering smaller patterns over larger textured pieces to lighten the room’s look. Contrasting colors or an abundance of dark colors in a small space can also feel overwhelming and like the room is closing in on you. Conversely, a monochromatic color scheme or even varying shades of the same color can make your space feel larger. Soft, pale, neutral colors on the walls and floor will give the biggest illusion of space.

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