Things to Consider When Creating a Home Wish List

If you are looking at buying a house, you probably already know that the available inventory is low since homes are flying off the market. Many homes are receiving offers the very first day they are listed! This can be frustrating to those who are trying to find the perfect home to purchase. But if you have been waiting for longer than you want, maybe it is time to revisit your home wish list and make some adjustments. Today we are going to talk about some areas of the home wish list that could warrant more flexibility and some that don’t.

  1. BUDGET:  One thing that should stay firm is the budget that you have determined for your next home. You don’t want to purchase a house that is more than you can afford. Instead of increasing what you are willing to pay for a house, adjust other aspects of your wish list in order to stay in your desired price range.
  2. LOCATION AND SCHOOL SYSTEM: If you have kids that you are trying not to move out of their current school system, you do not have much flexibility in the location of your next home. If not, consider widening the area of your search to give yourself more options. You may find your perfect home in the town next to one you have been looking in.
  3. STYLE AND LAYOUT OF THE HOUSE: If you do not have any accessibility needs, like a wheelchair ramp or a home with no stairs, the style and layout of the home can be an area where you can have some flexibility. If you have your heart set on a cape cod style home, but you find a colonial or craftsman that fits most of your other needs, it’s worth considering marking the cape cod style off the list.
  4. SIZE OF THE LOT AND HOUSE: If you have specific preferences for both the house and the lot you want, you may be waiting a little longer than if you make some concessions on the size you are hoping for. If you have a large family, the size of the house you get may be more important than for a couple who just sent their last child off to college.
  5. FLOORING AND COSMETICS: The flooring and cosmetic appearances of a home can seem like big items when touring homes, but if the price is right on a house, you can easily update the flooring, paint, hardware, and other cosmetic type items yourself. When looking at homes, try to envision them after you put your own personal touches on them instead of being dismayed at the wall-to-wall carpet when you want hardwood floors.

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