Quick Millennial Moving Tips

Is everything you own in the box to the left?  Well, probably not, but there is definitely wisdom in getting all of your stuff organized and the planning complete before you make that big move, whether switching apartments locally, moving into the city for the first time, or into your new home in the ‘burbs. Our moving experts at Zippy Shell have a few tips made just for millennials.

  • Purge: Sure, you know you need to do it, but it’s hard. Be strong and merciless when it comes to culling the closet. If you haven’t worn it in two seasons, toss it. If that concert t-shirt has sentimental value but has seen better days, put it in a maybe pile, and revisit, but don’t automatically save it. One of the best things about a closet purge is that you can help others. Not only do local charities come to your doorstep and pick up the clothes, many retailers focused on sustainable practices have donation bins in or near their stores, as well, like H&M.

  • Put pride aside to save some dough:  Most of us are living on a budget, so it simply does not make financial sense to load up on moving supplies from your local retailer. That gets expensive – fast! Put out the ISO SOS across your fave social media channels for any boxes, bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and anything else that you can reuse to pack your things. You also may want to ask businesses, restaurants, and strip malls if you can scavenge near their bins.

  • Make a day-after box:  The morning after your move you probably won’t feel much like digging around looking for clothes and cleaning supplies. Plus, did you remember to get food for the fridge? Make a list of items you’ll need immediately when you get to your new place and put them in a separate box: sheets, towels, basic kitchen items, a few clothes, toiletries, important papers, keys. Label the box clearly and keep it accessible. Then, have a shortlist of what you’ll need on hand in the kitchen from the store.

  • Getting from here to there: You have choices when it comes to moving your things from here to there. Sure, you can rely on friends who have vehicles, but life happens. You could also rent a truck, but the time and stress associated with that are costly, too. When you are looking at all of your options, be sure to include Zippy Shell. Whether you are moving in city or cross country, Zippy Shell is cost-effective and, even better, a personal account manager works directly with you and your budget. You can load up your container and have it picked up at your convenience and delivered to your new location. And, yes, we can deliver and place in even the biggest cities!

  • Document your move: Moving is a big step! Your friends and family will love to see what’s happening, so don’t forget to take that selfie at your old place and at your new place. If you rely on Zippy Shell to help with your move, don’t forget to tag @zippyshell, as well. We’d love to congratulate you on your big day.