10 Ideas for Family Fun at Home

If you are looking for some different ways to have fun with your family while self-isolating, look no further! We have all been getting stir crazy over the past month, but we have some ideas to make the long days at home go by just a little faster.

Write letters. Many nursing homes and senior facilities around the country have restricted visitors. Help your kids write letters and draw pictures that could be sent to a local nursing facility near you. They will surely help bring a smile to someone’s face.

Have a spa day. Extend an invitation to your family to join you for a day of primping and pampering.  You don’t need fancy tools to have a relaxing day. You can take a warm foot bath using plastic bins. Pull out all your nail polish for manicures and pedicures. You could even follow a YouTube tutorial for a new hairstyle or make a natural face mask using different food items you may already have in the fridge. We hear avocado and honey is great for the skin!

Have a themed movie marathon. Challenge your family to create costumes and snacks with what is already available in your home. For even more excitement, invite your extended family or friends to join the challenge and marathon via videoconferencing.

Learn something new. This would be a great time to learn something new as a family. Whether it is a new language, skill, or craft—if you have internet access—you can choose just about anything.

Start a YouTube channel. Taking videos during self-isolation will be a great way to spend time as a family while documenting the fun times you have together. You can keep these videos private, or you can share with the rest of your family and friends who will likely get a kick out of seeing your family’s shenanigans.

Try a new recipe. With restaurant services limited, we are all spending a lot more time in the kitchen. This is the perfect time to try some of those recipes we have been saving on Pinterest over the years. Let everyone choose a new recipe and make a big meal out of it.

Put on a play. Find an appropriate play that fits the ages of your children and start learning lines! Put together costumes from clothes you already have and spend some time building some background props. You could even write your own play if you are extra creative.

Grow something. If you can find the items you need to get started, planting a garden together can be a fun and fruitful activity. If you are unable to start an outdoor garden, try growing herbs on your windowsill.

Make plans for the future. There’s no question that this has been a difficult time and it’s been especially hard for children who went from seeing their friends every day to being at home. Spend some time together making plans for things you would like to do in the future. It can be as simple as a belated birthday bash on a road trip to a new place.

No pressure. No matter what you and your family do for fun, it’s okay if it doesn’t look like what other people are doing on TikTok or Instagram. The most important thing is your family is safe and happy. Do what comes naturally to you with no added pressure. We’d love to hear from you! Stop by our Facebook page and share with our Zippy Shell community what you and your family have been doing to pass the time during self-isolation.