DIY Project for Old Wine Bottles

Don’t just throw out your old wine bottles, make something out of them!

Flower Vases

This is probably the easiest thing to turn a wine bottle into. Just add a little water and your flowers!

Soap Dispenser

Find a soap dispenser lid that fits around the top of your wine bottle. Then fill it up with soap and screw on the lid.

Tiki Torch

Fill your wine bottle with crafting pebbles halfway. Then fill the rest of the bottle with tiki fuel. Insert the tiki wick. And light it up!


Paint your wine bottle any color you wish. Around the holidays, you can paint pumpkins, ghosts, santa, reindeer, etc. Use matte paint so that the bottles are no longer see through and the designs are crisp and clear.


Apply glue to the tops and bottoms of two wine bottles, spread the out at the distance you wish your bookshelf to be. Glue wooden boards on the bottoms and tops of the bottles. Repeat with however many shelves you desire. Once complete, you’ll have a brand-new bookshelf for half the price!


Fill up the bottles with candies like m&m’s (holiday themed), candy corn, or other snacks. Candy filled wine bottles make cute décor for the holidays!

String light lamp

Drill a small hole in the back of the bottle, big enough to fit a string of lights through. Plug in the lights and voila!