Make your own 4th of July Decorations

Decorating for 4th of July holiday doesn’t have to be hard or expensive!  Check out our favorite patriotic decorating ideas!

Patriotic Mason Jars

All you need is three mason jars and some paint.  On the first one, paint it blue, and once it dries paint little white stars all over it.  On the second and third, paint alternating red and white stripes.  Fill the jars with plastic silverware, one container each for forks, knives, and spoons for your 4th of July BBQ.

Red, White, and Blue Tablecloth

Line up red, white, and blue bandanas in a row, with however many rows you need to cover your table.  Sew each bandana together and stretch it across your table.

Paint Stick American Flag

Line up seven paint sticks side by side and glue them together.  Paint a blue rectangle on the top left corner.  In the remaining space, paint red and white stripes.  Prop up your flag on any counter or hang it up on your wall.

Balloon Flag

Blow up red, white, and blue balloons and tac them onto an upright pegboard or cork board.  This can even be turned into a game with some darts at the end of the day.

Flag Wreath

Simply stick mini flag toothpicks into a Styrofoam wreath until it is full.  Hang it up on your door or on a wall.

Star Candles

Add red and blue star stickers onto any plain white candle for an easy festive decoration.

Patriotic Vase

Stick on red, white, and blue stickers to your plain vase to make it a 4th of July one.  You can also paint on stars and stripes.  Fill it with red, white, and blue flowers, or even little flags and streamers.