7 Storage Hacks for your Bathroom

Bathrooms contain a lot of important items, and it is hard trying to fit all those valuables into a small space.  Use these tips to fit all your toiletries into your bathroom.

1. Spice racks

All your bottles of shampoo and lotions can fit nicely into spice racks, as spice racks are meant for storing small containers.  Just screw them to the wall to create extra space for them.

2.High shelves

Install extra shelves in unused empty space, such as above the door.

3.Magnet strips

You can use magnet strips to keep track of all the tiny bathroom items you have.  They are great way to organize bobby pins, tweezers, nail clippers and most hair clips because these are already magnetic.  You can also glue small magnets to the backs of your makeup to keep them organized.

4. Coat hooks

Hang up coat hooks instead of towel rods to maximize space.  You can hang up multiple coat hooks within the space that just one towel rod would fit.  This is great if you are sharing a bathroom with someone.

5.Toilet shelf

Build a shelf over the top and sides of your toilet.  This extra space doesn’t seem like much but it can fit a lot of your small items like small hand towels, candles, etc.

6. PVC pipe

Attach a PVC pipe to your wall to store your hair tools, like a blow dryer.  After using your tool, it is very hot and having the PVC pipe gives it a place to sit and cool down and stay out of your way.

7. Small wine rack

Use a small wine rack to efficiently fit your hand towels on your sink by rolling them up to fit in each slot.  It is very elegant, yet practical.