9 ways to make your new home feel like home


1. Decorations

Hang up pictures and/or wall decals to customize your rooms.  Consider painting the rooms whichever colors you prefer or add wall wallpaper.

2. Stock up on your favorite foods

Buy your favorite foods to make you feel more relaxed.  Cook some of your go-to meals too to give the kitchen its old smell.

3. Have friends over

Your friends hung out at your old place and they should get accustomed to your new place as if nothing has changed.

4. Get your pets settled

If your pets are comfortable, you will be more comfortable.  Put their food dishes and beds in the same rooms as they were before.

5. Light some candles

Lighting your favorite candles will fill your new home with all of the scents of your old home.

6. Go on a walk in your neighborhood

Make yourself familiar with the area to make the new neighborhood not feel so new.

7. Add some plants

Your dearest plants can make your new home more cozy and personalized.

8. Spend time there

The more you hang out in your new home the more it will actually start to feel like it is yours.

9. Repeat old habits

Doing the same routine that you followed in your old house creates a sense of comfort as if nothing has changed.