Why you should get rid of excess stuff

When getting rid of your stuff, you can have a yard sale with your belongings and make some money off your junk.
The less space your junk takes up the more you’ll have to put better things.  Finally fit that car in your garage!
Help others
If you donate your belongings, you get rid of junk that has just been collecting dust in your closet, all while helping someone in need.
The less time you spend digging through your stuff to find something, the more time you have to do what you were planning to do in the first place.  Having to dig through your junk drawer to find your keys is never fun when you’re late.
Less spending
When you live a simpler lifestyle, with less belongings, you become less tempted to continue buying knick knacks and junk.
The less cluttered your home is the less cluttered your brain will be.  Too much stuff can cause anxiety.  The less worried you are about your house being full of worthless items, the more you can focus on what is important to you.
The more things stuffed into your house the more cramped it becomes, as well as the more cramped it looks.  Make your house more aesthetically pleasing by decluttering and emptying out what you don’t need.