10 storage hacks for you garage

  1. Ball storage

Put that narrow gap in between your garage doors to use. Nail a small piece of wood about 4 inches wide and one foot long to the wall at an upwards angle.  Multiple boards can be placed for multiple balls to prevent them from rolling around the garage.

2. Cardboard storage tubes

Secure the tubes to the garage wall with a plumbing strap. They are great for sporting equipment such as baseball bats, lacrosse and hockey sticks, tennis rackets, and even long-handled tools.

3. Fishing rod organizer

Drill 1-inch holes in one PVC pipe and drill it to the bottom of the wall. Glue a pool noodle around the other pipe and drill it to the top of the wall.  Cut slits for each hole (one per fishing rod) in the noodle.  Put the bottom (reel) end of the fishing rod into the holes and stick the top into the corresponding slit in the pool noodle.

4. Metal pegboard

Drill it to the wall and attach shelves, screws, or hooks to hang almost anything.

5. Recycling bin rack

Drill 2 hooks to the wall for each recycling bin you have. Horizontally, make the hooks as wide as your bin.  Vertically, make each set of hooks far apart enough to fit one bin on top of the other.  This allows you to have all your bins in one spot, minimizing floor space.

6. Chair rack

Drill 2 small pieces of wood to the wall at an upwards angle to get your lawn chairs off the ground.

7. Ceiling storage

Drill pieces of wood or shelves to the top of your garage. This is perfect for storing items like decorations; items that you don’t need to access very often, but definitely need to keep.

8.Create double shelves

For smaller items that are being stored in a large shelf, install another shelf on top of the small items to fit more objects on the shelf. This saves the air space above the items without having to add another storage container itself.

9. Add hooks to your garage door rack

Add hooks to your existing garage door track to maximize space above your car. Hang up yard tools, ladders, and more up there.

10. Bike rack on the ceiling

Attach hooks to the ceiling for each wheel to get your bikes up off the floor.