What to do in New Orleans this Summer

Moving to New Orleans this summer? Here are some of the best activities to immerse yourself in New Orleans history and culture.

1. Gator watching at the Barataria Preserve

Go for a gorgeous hike and look for some gators! Get a free tour with a guided ranger when you go at 10 am Wednesday through Sunday.

2. Get Beignets at Café Du Monde

Nothing says New Orleans like a beignet. You will fit right in when you learn to love beignets.

3. Have a meal at Commander’s Palace

A visit to this iconic restaurant in New Orleans is a must. Experience some of the best seafood at this five-star hot spot.

4. Listen to jazz music

When moving to the birth place of jazz music, exposing yourself to some jazz will do you good. There are plenty of places to see live performers, even just walking down the streets. One that stands out is the jazz mass at St. Augustine’s Church where you can go see performers for free!

5. Visit the Whitney Plantation

Gain perspective on the history of slavery in Louisiana here. They display museum exhibits, memorial artwork, restored buildings, and hundreds of first-hand narratives from slaves.

6. Ride in a streetcar

Streetcars are a prominent mode of transportation in New Orleans. Take a ride on one and experience the beautiful sites of the streets such as St. Charles, Canal, Carrollton, and more.

7. Visit the French Quarter

The French Quarter is full of history, restaurants, and attractions for anyone looking to gain knowledge and experience about a big part of New Orleans.

8. Explore Bourbon Street

Get a feel for the nightlife of New Orleans by exploring the many shops, restaurants, and bars of Bourbon Street.

9. Audubon Park

Here you will find a beautiful location for recreation, picnics, and attractions. You can choose to visit the zoo, aquarium, or insectarium. You can also go for a jog, play on the tennis courts or soccer fields, play golf, and more.
If you’re moving to New Orleans soon, have Zippy Shell help you move, then get to know the city with these activities once you’re settled.