The Best Tips for Packing your Clothes for a Move

It may seem like an irrelevant concept to think about when packing to move, but if you plan accordingly, your transition will be a lot easier.

First, set aside a week’s worth of clothes for the final days before the move. You don’t want to pack up all your items then realize you have nothing to wear on moving day.
Go through all your clothes and determine what you really wear. When all your clothes are clean, go through and try to avoid keeping clothes with stains or rips. This is an easy way to clear up space in your moving boxes when there are less clothes to pack.
There are a few strategies to minimize the space your clothes take up. If you have the option, try vacuum sealing your clothes. Another good method is to roll clothes into small bundles to make them as little as possible. If you have a few jackets or sweaters, place smaller shirts or tops inside of them to save space.
Suitcases are designed to hold clothes. Pack yours up with clothes that you want to be protected. Don’t pack delicate items that easily wrinkle if they are going to be packed up for a while.
Put away your off-season clothing that you won’t be needing for a while in a separate box. Then label this box so that you know you don’t need to unpack it right away when you get settled in.
Don’t try to fit all your clothes into one large box. The weight of clothes can be deceiving individually, but when you add up multiple items they can get very heavy. Use a few smaller boxes to reduce the difficulty of moving them.
Consider leaving all the clothes in a dresser in their drawers for the move. All you have to do is seal the drawers shut so that they don’t fly open when the moving truck turns. Zippy Shell can load up your entire dresser into our storage container and it will be good to go. Get started with a quote today!