Tips for moving in the summer heat of Atlanta, GA

It is a known fact that Georgia has extremely hot summers.  To prepare for your move here, prepare with these moving tips:

Be organized.

Have all your items already packed away in their boxes before the morning/evening of your moving time.  This will minimize the time you will spend loading each item into their respective boxes.  The less time loading up each box, the less time spent out in the heat.

Avoid the heat as much as possible. 

Schedule your moving time with Zippy Shell early in the morning or late in the evening when the temperatures are not at their highest.


You know you are going to have to spend some time outside when transporting your items inside to the moving truck outside.  To physically prepare for this, make sure everyone working has enough water.  Dehydration in the heat could lead to a serious problem.

Pack low.

Hot air rises, so try to avoid having to frequently go upstairs to get your boxes of belongings.  Prepare to have as much of your stuff as possible already packed up on the ground floor.

Have patience.

If you need to take a few water breaks indoors with cool air conditioning, don’t sweat it.  All of your belongings will eventually be loaded.

Zippy Shell is here to help you customize all of your moving needs.  No matter what the conditions are, we’ll help you get the job done.