Zippy Shell Containers are Perfect for Renovating your Home

Home renovations can be extremely inconvenient and time consuming. During the whole renovation a portion of your home will be completely shut off to you. Not to mention, your renovation might mean that your furniture from the rooms under construction need to be placed in other rooms in your home. This can turn your home into a clutter disaster! Luckily, Zippy Shell onsite storage solutions help ease the inconvenience!

Zippy Shell will deliver an onsite storage container to your home. We can park where our competitors can’t. Whether you need us to park in the street, driveway, dirt, or grass there is no need to worry. Once the container is placed, you are all set to load your items for storage.
When you are renovating your house, you need to clear out your belongings, room by room as you go. It is difficult to squish all the furniture from one room into another room while the renovation occurs. During this time, Zippy Shell’s onsite storage containers will be able to fit whatever you need. Once they are parked where you need them, you can load your items. You’ll have easy access to your stuff while it is in storage during renovation. Until construction is done, your items will stay right there at your house, giving you the closest possible access to your belongings. When the renovation is finished you can easily move your items back into place.
Texas weather can throw curveballs at you every day, and you want to make sure your items do not face any damage. Our onsite storage containers can guarantee your belongings will be safe and secure. Against all elements, your items are protected. Our onsite storage containers are sealed and weatherproof so you won’t find your items soaked in water.
Zippy Shell is here to help you make renovating your home as hassle-free as possible. We provide the best access and security to your items you can get, while making it all an affordable option.

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