Where to find free boxes in McHenry County, IL

When planning a big move, one of the last things people consider is paying for boxes to pack up their belongings in. When you buy quality boxes to ensure safety for your boxes, the costs can add up to more than you would expect.

There are many different considerations that need to be taken when packing up all of your items. Different items need specific types of boxes to be packed and stored correctly.
Clothes can be packed into almost any size box. One place to check would be an office supply store or even your own office. Offices order supplies such as printers, paper, computers, and more, all of which would be able to securely fit a decent amount of clothes in. Supply chain stores like Costco or Walmart are another excellent source as everything comes in a box.
Books need to be packed into sturdy boxes, as they can add up in weight. Of course, the best place to go to would be a bookstore. Another suggestion is a university mailroom. They too order large shipments of books and end up having so many boxes that they don’t end up knowing what to do with.
Toys range from very small to very large, and different styles will need to be packed into different size boxes. One place most people wouldn’t think to check is a liquor store. They get shipments of boxes that vary in size and are also strong-bodied. One of the best parts about liquor store boxes is that they often have handles on the sides.
A lot of the time, furniture will not even need to be packed into a box because it is too big, However, if you are dealing with smaller furniture you will want a well-built box to pack it in. An ideal box to pack furniture in could be from an auto supply store. They have boxes built for car parts ranging from all different sizes, and would be able to fit almost any furniture.
Most foods need to be packed securely to stay fresh. Obviously, one of the best places for this would be to check at your local grocery store. They receive shipments of food daily that maintains their produce and would most likely love to rid their extra boxes. Another option could be to go to your local orchard. They get shipments and pack up food in boxes specifically designed for food.
All throughout McHenry County these sources can be used to find free moving boxes. If you are from this area and are deciding to move or need to store your belongings, Zippy Shell is here to help you. The Zippy Shell of Northern Illinois covers the entire Northshore & Northwest Chicago suburbs, McHenry & Lake County, and more.