How to Pack a Bike

May is National Bike Month, and that means bike season is officially here!
Many Zippy Shell moving customers ask the best way to safely pack a bike to prevent potential damage to the pedals or frame. Zippy Shell has experience moving bikes of all kinds, so we’re here to help!

So how do you pack a bike for moving?

The best way to ensure your bike remains in great condition throughout the duration of the move is to disassemble your bike and pack it in a cardboard bike box. It may seem like a lot of extra work, but taking the time to protect your bike will pay off in the end. And because Zippy Shell is all about making your life simple, we’ll give you step-by-step instructions for packing your bike.
First, here’s what you’ll need: allen wrenches, tape, scissors, bubble wrap, foam pipe insulation tubes, and a cardboard bike box which can be found at most bike stores.
Step 1:
Cover your bike’s frame with the pipe insulation tubes.
• Cut the tubes to the correct length.
• If necessary, use multiple tubes to cover the full circumference of the frame.
• Tape around the tubes to ensure they stay in place.
Step 2:
Remove the pedals.
• Set the chain to the lowest sprocket.
• Using an allen wrench or traditional wrench, remove the pedals.
• Wrap the pedals in bubble wrap.
Step 3:
Disconnect the handlebars.
• Using the allen wrench, disconnect the handlebars from the stem.
• Bubble wrap the stem.
• Pull the handlebars alongside the frame to minimize the bike’s width, which will allow it to better fit in the box.
• Secure the handlebars with tape.
Step 4:
Remove the wheels.
• Using the wrench, remove the front wheel.
• Cover the fork (the front section of the bike frame) with insulation.
• Ensure the chain is still on the lowest sprocket.
• Remove the back wheel.
• Cover the seatstays (the back section of the bike frame) with insulation.
Step 5:
Secure the rear mech and sprockets.
• Without placing too much stress on the chain, set the rear mech and sprocket cluster inside the back frame.
• Cover the rear mech and sprocket cluster in bubble wrap.
• Secure the bubble wrap to the frame, ensuring it does not move in transit.
Step 6:
Place the bike in the box.
• Depending on the height of the box, you may need to adjust the seat height.
• Remove the quick releases from the wheels and place them in bubble wrap.
• Place the wheels in the box alongside the frame.
• To reinforce the box, place tape on the area of the box where the wheel axles contact the cardboard.
• Insert pieces of loose cardboard to act as partitions in the box.
• Fill voids in the box with bubble wrap.
• Place the bubble-wrapped pedals and quick releases in the box, or keep them in another moving box to ensure they don’t get lost.
• Tape up the box and you’re ready to go.
Zippy Shell can move your bike and all of your valuables with personal service and flexible options to fit your budget.
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