Is Downsizing in Highland Park, Illinois Right For You?

Are you starting to wonder if it’s the right time for you to downsize your home? But where should you buy your next home? How do you know when it’s time to downsize?
These are great questions to ask. Downsizing is a big endeavor. So let’s start with the basics.

How do I know it’s Time to Downsize?
Does your Home Feel too Big? 
One of the first signs that it’s time to downsize your home is that it just feels too big. Extra bedrooms, more space than you need, spacious backyard. It was all perfect, maybe even “too small” in the past, but now it’s a burden to maintain. Downsizing into a smaller home will help alleviate that maintenance.
Are you Empty Nesters?
Once all the kids have moved out into their own places, you don’t have a reason to hold onto all that extra space. Plus, moving into a smaller home means that you could end up saving extra money each month with smaller mortgage payments. That’s extra money you can save up for retirement or use to take a nice vacation at the end of the year.
Are you retiring? 
if it’s not already part of your retirement plan, downsizing should be! Downsizing your home will help you get the most out of retirement. A larger home comes with more maintenance and upkeep. Getting that extra stress, money, and work out of the picture will ensure you’ll spend more of your time relaxing!
Why Highland Park, Illinois? 
So what makes the Highland Park area so appealing to downsizers? Well,  let’s start with the fact that the average age in the area is 46. You’ll be in an area surrounded by other downsizers. But what exactly is bringing everyone to the area? Highland Park has a great downtown area for you to enjoy and numerous parks to explore. Not to mention, there is a rich history here with lots of museums and historical sites to add to your to-do list!

Zippy Shell Can Help you Downsize your Home

Zippy Shell of Northern Illinois is the perfect solution for downsizers! Our simple storage solutions can help you declutter your home to sell. We’ll safely store your belongings as long as you need. Then we’ll deliver them to your new home! When you’re ready, visit to get started!