The Best Resources for Moving with Your Kids in Montgomery County, PA!

Moving can be tough on the whole family, but most importantly it can be tough on your kids. They might not fully understand why you need to move. They might even have to change schools and make new friends. With this in mind, how can you help them adjust? The answer is simple, by being prepared!

Luckily, Montgomery County, Pennslyvania has a lot of resources to help ease the difficulties of a move.
1) Get out and Explore!
Montgomery County has tons of attractions that are the perfect destinations for family fun to clear their minds. Spend a day hiking in Fort Washington State Park or visit the Elmwood Park Zoo. The more you explore your new home, the more familiar everything will become for your kids.
2) Have Their Friends Come For a Visit
If at all possible, schedule time for their friends from your last home to come over for a visit. This will help reinforce the fact that just because you moved away, it doesn’t mean that they have lost all their friendships. I know it can be hard to host guests right after a move, but it will be worth it for your kids.
3) Introduce Your Kids to Their New School
If your kids are nervous about starting a new school, take time to introduce them to their new school district. You can use this handy map to look up the schools in your area and follow the link to their website. Talk about everything they can expect from the school. When they know what to expect, it can help ease some of the nerves they have for their first day.
4) Get Them Involved
The fastest way for your kids to make friends is by getting them involved in their new community. Local sports leagues, camps, and other activities are a great opportunity. Not sure where to start looking for opportunities? Here are a couple local leagues below:
I9 Sports
Learn4Good Children’s Music Programs
Institute of Dance Artistry
5) Make it Home!
The best way to ease the transition for your kids is by making your new home, home. Try to get back into a normal routine. Unpack as best you can (I know you are busy!), and make everything more comfortable.
Before you know it, everyone will be happily settled in.

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