5 Quick Home Improvements to do Before Your Next Open House

Are you trying to sell your home? Sometimes even the smallest home improvement can have a huge impact on potential buyers. If you have an open house coming up, now is the time to sneak in a quick home improvement project to “wow” buyers.

1) Paint
Painting is a great cost-effective way to completely transform the look of your home. Spend the weekend repainting a few rooms of your home and you’ll end up with a house that looks as good as new!
2) Landscaping and Gardening
When you are selling your home, you want to make sure every part of the house looks its best. But it’s not just the inside of your home that matters! The outside of your home is a buyer’s first impression, make sure it’s a good one! Even if you don’t really have a green thumb, it’s important to make sure your garden looks clean and is free of any debris. Bonus points if you plant a few low maintenance plants for a nicer finish.
3) Replace worn out carpets
If you have carpeting in your home that looks like it’s seen better days, you might want to replace it. You want buyers coming in to look at your home’s selling points- not to get distracted by your old carpet. A brand new carpet will make it easier for buyers to focus on how great your home actually is!
4) Replace old appliances with new energy efficient models.
Older appliances can really bring down the appeal of your kitchen for buyers. Replacing older appliances with Stainless steel energy efficient models is a great selling point. This renovation can be completed in a weekend and will transform the look of your kitchen.
5) Update Bathroom and Kitchen Fixtures
Bathroom and kitchen updates have the highest ROI than any other renovations you can do in your home. Updating the fixtures in your bathroom and kitchen is a quick renovation that can be done in a single weekend. Buyers will appreciate the brand-new fixtures!
Bonus Tip: Store your clutter with Zippy Shell! Homes that are less cluttered sell faster. Getting rid of the extra furniture will make your home’s rooms appear larger and more spacious. It will also help show off the major selling points of each room. Not to mention, Zippy Shell delivers the container directly to your door to be loaded then safely stores all your furniture back at our climate controlled facility. Out of sight and mind for you and your potential buyers.
Now is the time to get renovating! Good Luck!