Six Ways To Make Your Home Sparkle During The Holidays

Do you ever feel like the holidays become too busy to even really enjoy them? Sometimes it is easy to get so consumed with the chaos of the holidays that we forget about the things that truly matter. The holidays should be about spending time with the people we love most. A big part of this is having friends and family over to enjoy food, fun, and festivities! Here are six simple and creative ways to make your home more inviting this holiday season. There are definitely more where these came from but hopefully these few will create some inspiration for your holidays!

1.Warm Up Your Entrance:
Having a welcoming entryway is key in creating an inviting atmosphere in your home. The entryway and porch/front door are the first areas that a person sees when they arrive at your home.
If you live in a house, turn on your porch lights and put a couple candles in your windows to help guest feel welcome as they enter your home. For apartment dwellers, put a wreath on your door and possibly a mat for guests to see as they enter your place. Try to make your guests feel comfortable from the very start. Offer to take their coats and belongings as they enter.
2.Set up a Cocoa Bar:
This is a fun idea that is perfect for the holidays! Wonderful for both kids and adults. This is a way to add some hot chocolate essentials to your bar cart and decorate it with festive items. You can get creative with peppermints and marshmallows as well.
3.Make Your House Smell Like Christmas:
Simmer DIY holiday potpourri on your stove, and your house instantly gains extra cozy cred. Cinnamon sticks, cranberries, oranges, cloves, vanilla, etc. are all perfect ingredients to make your home smell amazing. Just put some on the stove and let simmer to add instant deliciousness!
4.Invite Nature Inside:
A great trick to making your home more welcoming is by bringing nature inside your home. Simply head outdoors to collect some elements. Group some curly branches or some greenery to add a little bit of nature in your home. It is easy and also brings some welcomed color into your home.
5.Drape Doors and Entryways with Lights:
There is nothing cozier than the glow of Christmas lights. Drape doorways and entryways in your home with garlands and twinkling lights. This instantly makes your home feel more welcoming and inviting to guests.
6.Turn Up the Tunes:
A touch of music is always a welcomed addition to your home during the holidays. Play some of your favorite holiday music to make your home feel both festive and welcoming to all.

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  1. As humans, we are all deeply affected by scents, so I always make it a point to focus on creating a delectable aroma, especially around the holidays.

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