Moving Tips During Wintertime

The winter is not necessarily the best time to move, but it can be less miserable with a few pointers. Most Americans choose to move between May and September, and the winter is notoriously slow for apartment hunting – which means you’re more likely to get a great deal on an apartment and save on your moving costs during wintertime.
Obviously, the downside to moving into your new place in winter is that you deal with the cold weather. Even if the sun is beating down all week, a sudden blizzard might pop up just as you’re pulling away in your car. Here are a few cold weather moving tips for a safe transition from old to new:

1. Don’t Pack Winter Supplies
Keep items such as a shovel, ice scraper, salt, and winter accessories like gloves and hats in the car with you. If there is a lot of snow on the ground, you may have to dig a path to your new apartment when you arrive. Instead of going through boxes, you’ll have the shovel out and ready to go. If the sidewalk leading to the apartment is icy, throw salt on the ground. This will melt the ice and keep you and your fellow movers safe from the hazardous weather.
2. Keep an Eye on the Weather
Periodically check weather reports, and keep an eye on the weather map for approaching storm fronts that could inhibit a move. Even if you’ve been watching for a few days, weather is fickle and may change with little warning, things can be very unpredictable. You should constantly keep your eyes on traffic reports that have stalled traffic. Avoiding busy streets during poor weather will help keep you and your apartment furnishings safe.
3. Get Some Help
Hiring a moving company has so many benefits, including a faster move and no heavy lifting, and those benefits are amplified when you move during the winter – keep Zippy Shell in mind when picking your moving company! But if you can’t afford to hire movers, get as many friends and family members as possible, which will lighten the load and prevent you from moving in and out of the cold all day long. Once all the boxes are inside, order some hot food and hot cocoa to thank everyone for their efforts!
4. Board your Pets
Boarding your pets during your move is a good idea for a few reasons. First, pets can easily get under the feet of movers which is hazardous for everyone. Second, with doors constantly opening and closing, there’s a likely chance that your pet will get out and if not trained, escape. Moving is stressful enough without losing your pet along the way! You may not understand but it takes animals a bit to get situated in a certain place. They should be the last thing to move so it is probably best to keep them out of the house during all the heavy moving.
5. Keep the Warmth Inside Where It Belongs
Our moving in winter tips continue with a piece of advice that is so logical it can easily be looked over. Don’t forget that you’re moving in the winter and the best way to fight the coldness is keeping the warmth inside. Be sure to wear appropriate winter clothing to stay warm. Keep your feet, hands and head warm with the correct gear as well as anti-slip soles to get you safely through the day.
6. Keep It Clean
Have towels in the car to wipe down boxes and other items that get wet with dirty snow. This will keep your objects and your apartment safe from the damaging effects of moisture. Put padding down on your apartment floor to soak up any excess water that clings to boxes or your shoes.
7. Protect Your Possessions
The winter weather can lead to damage to your possessions if you aren’t careful. Snow can cover your boxes and melt, causing them to be soaking wet. Extreme temperatures can damage more items than you probably think. Even your plates and glasses can crack when exposed to extreme temperatures and the last thing you want is to arrive at your new home with a bunch of broken items.
The thought of moving during the winter may be miserable. However, if you and your family need to relocate now, you might not have much choice. Luckily, you can help your winter move go a lot smoother if you follow these helpful wintertime moving tips. It may not be the best experience, but in no time you will be able to snuggle up in the warmth and coziness of your new home with friends and family!
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  1. Keeping an eye on the weather is what my wife and I would need to do. We have plans to move during the winter time and are thinking about getting help. It seems like the help that we might need are moving our piano, the couch, and several heavy furniture.

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