Just the Self-Storage & Moving Facts

We know when you need self-storage, you need it to be convenient and reliable. We are here to help answer any questions you may have about how portable storage works and to help find the best solution for your needs.

How do I request a Zippy Shell mobile self storage container?

Simple! Call us at 888-898-2270 or request a quote and reserve online at zippyshell.com.

Can I leave the Zippy Shell on my property?

We do not provide on-site storage, but you will have up to 72 hours to fill the container before we bring it back to our secure storage facility. Loading a container typically takes 2-3 hours. We find that deciding what to put into the container and packing it takes most of the time.

Will my driveway be big enough?

When the Zippy Shell storage unit is delivered to a customer’s driveway, they need to have at least 30′ in length and 9′ in width. The reason is that when you extend the ramp from the storage unit, it adds more overall length required. Using these dimensions should keep the storage unit off the sidewalk and the street. Keep in mind that there is a turning radius when pulling into the driveway or parking spot.

How long can I leave the container onsite to load it?

You are allowed up to 72 hours to fill the container and then we will bring it back to our secure storage facility.

Do I need to get a permit to park the Zippy Shell?

In most cases, no! Our Zippy Shell containers are registered and authorized to park on the street. (Major advantage!)

What if I need to get something out of the container while it’s in storage?

We are happy to redeliver the container to you in order for you to access items that you may need. We strive to provide you with the most convenient service possible! Also, you are welcome to access your belongings at our storage facilities but please give us a call 24-48 hours prior to the day you want to access your items. Please contact your local Zippy Shell representative to make arrangements.

Where is my stuff going to be stored?

We know your items are precious to you and to protect them, they will be stored in one of our climate-controlled, secure storage facilities.

How do I get my stored items redelivered to my new location?

Simply give us a call at 888-898-2270 one week in advance and we will schedule your redelivery for you!

How far in advance do I have to reserve a slot to go into/come out of self storage?

We ask that you reserve a date and time slot to go into/leave storage as soon as you can since time slots fill up quickly. However, we understand that unforeseen events do occur. Please feel free to give us a call and we will do our best to get you scheduled at your convenience.

What does the “initial delivery fee” encompass?

The initial delivery fee covers bringing the container to you and bringing it back to our secure storage facility. Upon redelivery, you will be charged the same fee to have your container delivered to your new location.

Can I order boxes and packing materials from Zippy Shell or do I need to get them on my own?

You can certainly order moving supplies from Zippy Shell upon making a reservation.

Is the container on wheels?

No, the container is stable and travels inside of the trailer, or “Zippy Shell.”

Do I need a lock for my container?

Yes, all customers are required to have a lock on their storage container. If you do not have one, Zippy Shell has high security locks available for purchase at a very reasonable price.

Are my items covered while in storage?

Like all facilities, you should make sure that you have a protection plan that covers your items. Zippy Shell can make one available to you for a very reasonable monthly rate.