Portable Self Storage Containers: Storing Tomorrow’s Stuff Today

Not sure where to store those die cast cars you painstakingly collected as a kid? Where can you find a reliable place to keep that circa-1960 recliner and end table that you don’t want to let go of? The place you choose needs to be safe, dry and convenient. That’s the beauty of the Zippy Shell portable self storage system… it’s all three.

Save Time & Stress with Zippy Storage Containers

Self-moving can be complicated. A rental moving van or truck can be expensive, dirty and cumbersome to drive. Taking the wheel, you may find navigating one of these behemoths downright overwhelming.

Maneuvering a truck around sharp corners can wreak havoc on fragile items that haven’t been properly protected. Zippy Shell ensures that your items are secured prior to moving your portable storage container, safeguarding your precious cargo and eliminating any doubt that your stored household items will remain in-tact and safe.

Portable Storage When Selling Your Home

Clutter can kill the sale of your home. When you’re thinking about selling your home, think of Zippy Shell storage containers. Our 100 square feet of pristine space means plenty of room for all those personal items you’d rather not share with potential home buyers…allowing your realtor to “stage” your home to its best advantage; clean, uncluttered and organized.

Make Room for a New Room with Portable Storage Solutions

Renovations can be a breeze. Instead of cramming a the room under construction into the remaining rooms in your home, keep everything out of harm’s way and in a convenient Zippy Shell storage container.  We’ll deliver it when you want, store it in our clean, secure facility and return it when you when your renovated space is ready.

Keep Your Dorm Room Safe for the Summer in a Storage Container

College students are notoriously short on storage space during the steamy summer months. Often, parents are caught storing boxes of winter clothes, cookware, textbooks and assorted knick-knacks in basements and family rooms. No-one wants to deal with loading and unloading an attic or basement, climbing up and down stairs a million times, only to have to do it all over again in August or September. Zippy Shell portable self-storage allows parents to reclaim their space and gives college student some independent space for their stuff.

Secure Storage Containers for all Your Belongings

When you have decided you’d prefer the coziness and carefree upkeep of a smaller space but aren’t ready to let go of everything, a Zippy Shell portable self-storage container will hold your memories for as long as you’d like…and all the while you’ll know your possessions are safe and secure.

Commercial Storage: Helping You Get Back to Business

Whether it’s past tax documents, insurance information or employee forms, maintaining expensive office space simply to store files is costly. A Zippy Shell container is a commercial storage solution that maintains your corporate documents in a secure, dry space.  Should your company grow or need to move for any reason, you’ll be happy that you don’t have to move reams of paper files.  They can stay where they are, and if you ever need them, Zippy Shell will bring them to you.

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There are many different needs for storage…there’s one clear answer: Zippy Shell.