When it comes to portable moving and storage containers, there’s no reason to sacrifice quality.  Your belongings deserve a mobile self storage space that is safe and spacious, whether you’re looking to store large furniture pieces or numerous small collectibles.

Storage needs can range from small and short-term to large and long-term, or anything in between. From the desire to de-clutter to the need to relocate, from the intimacy of packing up your home, to the complexity of a business renovation, we have a storage solution that will make things easier for you.

Portable Storage & Moving Containers Built for Any Job

Zippy Shell portable moving and storage containers have changed the way home and commercial business owners pack things up and securely store them away. Instead of travelling to your storage container, we bring your container straight to you. We will arrange for convenient delivery of your portable moving container and will transport it to our secure storage facility until you request its return. It’s all done on your schedule…there are no blackout dates. Zippy containers are delivered to your location in local-friendly vehicles, eliminating concern that a semi-truck may not be able to navigate on the quiet streets of your neighborhood.

Your Zippy Shell self moving and storage container is a specially designed trailer, which eliminates the risk of damage to your driveway, even in extreme temperatures. You’ll appreciate the convenience of having your portable storage container available on your schedule and you’ll also be assured of the highest level of theft protection in the storage industry.

Imagine one hundred square feet of pristine, useable space being delivered directly to your door. Every inch is yours to utilize, with no wasted space. Need something larger? No worries…it’s available. We have a portable storage container to fit your needs and your budget. Our storage doors swing open, allowing for maximum ease of entry. There are no roll-up doors to obstruct the space or to jam if the contents of the container were to unexpectedly shift during transport.  Designed of sturdy steel construction, our containers are strong enough to withstand the elements but will gently allow for air circulation, alleviating the risk of damaging mold and mildew.

Zippy Shell is local, family-owned and operated. When you arrange your storage or moving with us, you’ll receive all the trustworthy advantages of shopping local with the convenience and great pricing of a member of the Self Storage Association and the Mobile Self Storage Association, combining the best of both worlds.

Say Hello to Portable: The Storage Solution for the 21st Century

If you are looking for the best portable storage and moving option, remember Zippy Shell is:


  • A portable storage or moving container is brought to your home or business


  • Best value solution in the market


  • No need to rent a truck or make multiple trips to a facility

Safe for your home

  • No risk of damage to your driveway


  • The most secure portable storage in the industry


  • Load your container at your convenience
  • No long waits to get your things returned
  • No blackout dates for delivery

Easy to pack

  • Doors that swing open so the entire container can be used to store your belongings
  • No roll-up doors that get jammed if contents shift

Great Access

  • We will return your portable storage and moving container back to you whenever you are ready

Local, Family-Owned and Operated

  • Locally owned and operated company
  • Direct access to the decision-makers for the business

Robust Storage Containers

  • Made of all steel construction
  • Sturdy and safe portable storage container
  • Allow for air circulation which alleviates the risk of mold

A Storage Size to fit your budget

  • No matter how much or how little you may have to store, we have the perfect container size for you!

Street Registered Vehicle

  • Delivered in a street registered vehicle so no permits are required which avoids many restrictions of traditional storage

Container Placement Flexibility

  • Portable containers that can easily access more locations and give greater flexibility in loading your goods


  • Zippy Shell is a member of the Self Storage Associations and the Mobile Self Storage Association

Call us today at (888) 947-7974, we are here to help answer all your self storage and moving questions.