So, you’ve decided to get a Zippy Shell storage pod, but you’re not quite up to the task of actually loading it. You’ve called a reputable moving company. What next? Well, taking care of a few things in advance can save you time and money, as well as put a smile on the faces of the crew you’ve hired.

Loading A Storage Pod from Zippy Shell

Some jobs are simply too big and require a professional. However, the things you can handle yourself can speed up the process. For example, if you’ve boxed things up and know where they are going, numbering or color-coding your boxes is the easiest way to differentiate your items. We all think our handwriting is legible and it very well may be, to us.

To someone you’ve never met the word “storage” may easily look like Egyptian hieroglyphics. Put a colored sticker or number on all those boxes going into storage and save the time and hassle of explaining what your writing means.

Pods Storage Units – Not All Are Created Equal

When it comes to pods storage units, not all are created equal! Remember, when packing moving pods, little things add up.

Disassembling small furniture or bed frames may not be difficult, but leaving it to the movers is going to add time. Figure five minutes for each easy piece you could fold up or take apart. Now multiply that times ten pieces and you’ve just added fifty minutes to your budget. The crew, in the meantime, is waiting for those pieces to be broken down so they can get to the real job of loading your storage pod.

Keep Your Crew Mobile, Use Mobile Storage

Keeping things moving is the way to optimize your move. Start with clearing the room! Centralize your stuff, have a clear pathway in and out of doorways and keep those pets locked up. Not only will your crew be grateful, they’ll be able to work more efficiently.

And remember to keep your crew hydrated. Moving is hard work, especially on a hot summer day. Water breaks are important, but costly if the crew has to send someone to the nearest convenience store for water or Gatorade.

Keeping beverages on hand keeps the guys hydrated, healthy and happy. Some companies, like Zippy Shell in Chicago, even keep a cooler stocked with beverages to pass out to your crew. If you’re lucky enough to have this option, use it!

At the end of the day, movers and customers want a good experience. Follow these simple tips to make yours as easy as possible and give your guys a break!

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