Turkey, Ambrosia, Decorations and More

Thanksgiving is all about being grateful. With all the cooking, cleaning and prep work, finding the time to relax can be a struggle.  You can avoid holiday stress and enjoy your turkey day if you follow some tips from Zippy Shell.


When you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner, you need a serious strategy.  To keep the day from becoming a mess, you need a clear-cut to-do list and primo organizing skills.  For an inviting home, focus your cleaning efforts first on the kitchen, bathrooms, dining room, and living room.  For family or friends staying over, get your guest bedroom(s) in ship-shape as well.  Vacuum and mop your floors, dust furniture, polish fixtures, and make the beds.

Make sure you have enough sheets, blankets, and pillows.  If your unused guest bedroom or formal dining room have accidentally transformed into a provisional storage area, you’ll need to make room.  The easiest household storage solution for this kind of temporary overflow is Zippy Shell, where we’ll deliver any size container right to your door and pick it up from your home as soon as you finish packing it with your Thanksgiving decorations.

Holiday Clean-Up

Once your mother-in-law has gobbled up the very last bite of pumpkin pie, and your guests are gone, now begins the task of Thanksgiving cleanup.  Zippy Shell is here to help!  Convenient and secure, Zippy Shell’s storage is great for storing your china, glassware, and silverware that’s only used for special occasions and holidays.  Make sure to pack these precious belongings carefully, individually wrapping dishes and taking special precaution to store glasses in boxes with dividers.  You don’t want to pack these fragile items too tightly, but you need to avoid shifting and tilting, too.

You break out more than just your fancy tableware for Thanksgiving.  Sure, there’s roasting pans and gravy boats, but what about dinners with a deep-fried turkey, or those festive families whose favorite part of any holiday is decorating?  When the meal is over and the winter holiday season has begun, these things don’t need to stick around the house.  Take down your Thanksgiving decorations in reverse order: the last things you put up should be the first things you take down and put in your container.  This way the things you need first will be the most easily accessible.  For the sake of sanity, keep similar or related items together – keep tablecloths with napkins and holders, for example.

Within your Zippy Shell self storage container, be sure to clearly label each box.  Color coding is always helpful, especially if you are storing for many holidays in the same storage container and need a quick way to tell everything apart.  If you don’t want to take the time to label extensively, you might consider clear plastic storage boxes so you can tell at a glance what is inside rather than relying on an inventory.  Careful, though, because using plastic in storage, even with Zippy’s climate- and humidity-controlled container, can trap moisture and cause mold or mildew damage.

Thanksgiving may be a day in the past now, but Christmas and New Years are right around the corner.  So get ready to deck the halls and ring in the New Year.


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