House Decorating & Storing… Muahahaha

After the last of the trick-or-treaters say goodnight to October, the scary Halloween season is over.  If you don’t think you have the time or energy to put your macabre memorabilia away—your costumes, makeup, pumpkin-carving tools, or decorations—think again.  Don’t throw your Halloween stuff away.  You can add life to your deathly decorations, helping your supplies and costumes to last longer.  If it’s worth saving, pack it up and store it with Zippy Shell, who will give you easy access to your holiday storage container.

The best holiday storage solution is to swap out each season’s accessories from a single shared space.  Keep all of your Halloween stuff in an orange tote within your storage container, loaded with other color-coded or otherwise labeled holiday totes.  This shared container will help make the transition between Thanksgiving and New Years, or any other holidays, even easier.  Keep original packaging whenever you can, because they’re usually just the right size for storing odd-shaped items, like a pumpkin seed scooper.

Properly Storing Halloween Costumes

If you have a complex system or several boxes, keep a detailed inventory.  For costume pieces, make sure you store them appropriately to prevent wrinkles or creases.  Some masks and makeup can be delicate, for example makeup can dry out and masks can fade. Keep makeup in plastic bags or Tupperware and store masks in individual plastic containers to keep them in good shape.

If you have costumes with multiple pieces, it is best to keep everything stored together.  Get medium to small size bins depending on the size of the costumes and accoutrements.  Place heavier clothing and accessories on the bottom and more delicate items on top.  Label the bins with the costume name, i.e. Batman or Catwomen, and keep them stacked together.

Storing Home Decorations with Care

For home decoration, group and store the items by category.  Keep larger yard decorations together and be sure to fully deflate any blown-up objects to save space.  If you decorate specific parts of your home, you can group these items together, i.e. door décor, dining room decorations, window adornments, etc.

Keep everything neat and orderly.  Store fragile items together wrapped carefully in bubble wrap, newspaper, or extra plastic bags.  Pack your boxes fully, limiting open space within the container.  This will help prevent items from shifting and potentially breaking.

Creepy candles are popular this time of year, and when stored should be handled with extra care, as they can warp or melt and ruin other objects.  Zippy Shell’s got you covered, because our climate-controlled facilities will keep your candles cool.  Even still, we recommend packing them in plastic and keeping them separate.

Though of course many items are worth saving from year to year, you don’t need to store the entire set.  Cheap spider webs, for example, tend to not keep well.  They get dirty and wet, and are easier just to replace.  We at Zippy Shell will help you store whatever you need, but we suggest you eat that candy instead of saving it for next year.  You don’t want it to expire!

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