Planning Ahead for Your Big Move

Moving day is approaching and you are about to pack up your life and move to your new home.  The mountain of work that lies ahead seems almost insurmountable.  Where do you begin and what will you do when you get to the new home? Well, you can start by taking a deep breath and know that the tasks ahead are not nearly as intimidating as they may seem.  With a little organization and planning, your move will be smooth sailing and you will feel settled in your new home sooner than you think.  Below are some rules when organizing for a move that I abide by when working with clients, as well as some helpful pointers I like to share with them when they do some of the work on their own.
Dog in a car made of cardboard box Tip #1 Pack a Bag – As you are packing up your home, plan to pack a bag for each member of your family as if you are all going on a vacation.  Take any and all items that you may need for several days, as well as any special valuables that you don’t want to risk losing or breaking in the move.  Don’t pack this bag haphazardly.  Pack it as if you are going away on a real trip.  This will give you easier access to your everyday necessities until your bedroom and bathroom are unpacked.  Be sure to move these bags yourself on moving day so that they remain easily accessible and so that they do not get lost.

Tip #2 Prioritize Your Unpacking – When you start thinking about unpacking from a self move, rate the rooms in order of priority so you can set up the most important rooms first to make you feel more “at home” faster. Personally, I recommend starting with the kitchen.  Since this is the epicenter of your home, having the kitchen unpacked and organized will allow you to feel more settled and give you a home-base for your family to take breaks and re-energize.  Following the kitchen, you may want to work on the children’s rooms, the master bedroom, the office, the bathroom… this decision typically varies from family to family. If you don’t’ mind living out of a toiletry bag for several days, I suggest to wait on the bathroom and work on getting the bedrooms settled.  Going to bed and waking up in a calm space will do wonders for your energy level during your transition and will allow your morning to run more smoothly when you get back to your regular daily life.

Tip #3 Put Items Away Thoughtfully – One of the worst things you can do when unpacking is to shove things wherever you find open space.  Just because an item is no longer in the middle of the floor doesn’t mean it is put away.  Using this manner to unpack moving and storage boxes only leads to your belongings being scattered across a room, or throughout the house.  Take the time to think about where an item should live and what is the most efficient or accessible place for it?  What other items might you use with it?  How often do you use it?  By answering questions like these, you will be more likely to put things away in an organized and thoughtful manner.  Yes, it may take more time and requires more patience, but it is well worth it in the long run and will help ensure that you are always able to find the right items right when you need them.

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