How much can fit in a Zippy Shell Self Storage Container?

People often worry about not having enough. Whether it’s food for your latest party or school supplies for your child, the inclination is to lean towards having extra over the possibility of not having enough. This may begin to explain how we often find ourselves with an overabundance of stuff with no place to store it. Whether you’re sending your offspring to college, spring cleaning at the office or just want to streamline an already-cluttered living environment, Zippy Shell mobile self-storage containers can provide the safe, reliable solution for all your portable storage and moving needs.

Below is a basic guide to help you calculate how much storage space you need.

Chart on how much can fit in a Zippy Shell unit

These estimates are based on average sized furniture and average sized homes. Please keep in mind that oversized furniture or unusually full homes will require more storage space. 

Fit It All in a Self Storage Mobile Container

How much furniture does the average person have? A one-bedroom apartment will usually consist of a living-room/dining-room area. You’re probably living with a couch, 1-2 chairs, a coffee table and an end table. Your dining area would contain some sort of dining table and an average of four chairs and your bedroom probably contains a bed, a dresser and maybe a nightstand. Add to this a couple of lamps and that sums up your life in furniture. All this fits easily into one of our spacious, 100-square-foot mobile storage containers with plenty of room left over for an assortment of boxes of other stuff. A Zippy Shell container is the ideal size for storing your belongings. At 15-feet in length, it can fit even the largest household items!

The benefits of mobile self-storage range from combatting disorganization to preserving the integrity of your belongings. The key to solid organizational development at home or at the office is in streamlining the chaos into a comprehensive environment, allowing for change. In business, as in life, it begins with identifying the problem. Living with an overabundance of messy belongings creates stressful living conditions. Stressful living conditions leads to an overall decline in both mental and physical health. Conquering the chaos allows you to feel a sense of control over your environment, resulting in stability for both mind and spirit. De-cluttering and organizing your space is exceptionally liberating and leaves you with a sense of accomplishment. The results are tangible.

Reliable, convenient and safe…your life fits well in a Zippy Shell.