“To ensure quality service, your call may be monitored or recorded.”

Man yelling at phone in frustration because of bad customer serviceIf you’ve ever had a bad encounter with customer service, hearing those eleven words probably makes the hair on the back of your neck raise up. Whether you’ve been faced with the arduous task of disputing a charge on your cable bill or the futile effort of making a change to your cell phone, then you most likely can relate to having your patience tested by a company’s poor customer service system. Caught in the endless loop of computerized menu options or finding yourself shouting “NO”, in response to some machine’s misunderstanding of a simple voice command,  your next step is to probably to begin pushing  ‘0’ to reach an operator or yelling ‘Speak with an Agent’ into your receiver to bypass these annoying and often confusing automated roadblocks.

The reality is that these flawed systems more times than not turn a five minute phone call into a fifteen to twenty minute call before even speaking with somebody and by time you reach a human being on the other end of the phone, you’re most likely not a happy customer.  Now, when the call is over (sometimes unsuccessfully) you’re probably wishing for some magical power that would eliminate all of that precious time wasted. Well guess what? You do. And it’s right in front of you. It’s on your computer.

Engaging with Customers on Twitter

Today’s companies are constantly improving upon better ways to use their Social Media.  In addition to businesses employing online teams to market and advertise.  Brands, both big and small, are discovering how utilizing social networks is a valuable tool for customer service. With more customers taking to their computers to ask questions and field complaints directly, you’re seeing more brands are now there to ‘answer the call’.  This is all happening minus those confusing automated prompts,  those long waiting periods “for the next available customer service agent”, and what we’re seeing is that  customer’s satisfaction with the customer service of their chosen brand is increasing.  This in turn helps to build customer loyalty.

In “Twitter Lets Customer Skip Recordings, And Make Choices”, a piece from NPR’s All Tech Considered, Alex Schmidt explains how a company’s efforts in creating service-oriented communication channels run on social media are expanding, and how a more efficient system of business and customer interactions is becoming common place and beginning to replace the old model.

At Zippy Shell, we pride ourselves in our customer service.  When you call us, you get to speak to a real live human being who can help answer your questions and work with you to make your moving and storage experience a less stressful process.  We are active on our social channels, offering up advice and tips to help you with anything from home organization to home staging tips as well as answering your questions.  We offer Live Chat online for when you need to get a quick response. We understand the importance of making our services convenient for you, our customers.

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