Part of the overall strategy that many entrepreneurs use to build a successful business and brand is to use experience days as a way of gaining confidence and loyalty from the customers who will help them to meet their goals.

What is the Purpose of an Experience Day?

Primarily to have fun doing something unusual or exciting that you have never tried before and secondly, from a corporate point of view, to be remembered and associated with providing a good experience.

Coca Cola sponsoring a marathon for a customer experience day

Sponsorship is all around us at most major events in the sporting and entertainment industries and if you are a corporation such as Coca-Cola, the purpose of advertising and sponsoring events is to build and maintain existing brand awareness. An experience day that you provide for some of your selected existing or potential clients will offer a much more targeted and most importantly, personal approach to building awareness about your business.

Choosing your Experience

If you have a business associated with a particular industry, such as self storage, you could host a marathon and donate containers to hold the water at the stations. For a company that specializes in motors or engineering, an obvious candidate for arranging an experience day would be to organise a day at the racetrack with some suitable supercars or racing cars.

These types of events can provide a positive association with your type of business and of course give you the chance to talk with your customers in a friendly and informal environment so that you can get to know them better.

Soft Sell

A customer experience day feels a lot more personal to the recipient than just attending a general sponsored event where everyone probably gets a goody bag and a balloon with the company logo on it together with maybe a drink at the bar as well. Whilst there is obviously a place for this type of promotion, the more soft sell approach of organising an experience day for valued existing or potential new clients is far more likely to enable you to build a stronger and more personal business relationship with your chosen clients.

Having Fun Whilst Growing Your Business

There are so many different experiences that you can choose which will provide a fun and memorable day for all those that attend.  The key aspect is that your guests will be enjoying themselves whilst also building up a rapport with you and your business, which can only be a positive attribute when you are trying to grow a business. You do not have to choose an adrenaline fuelled experience which may not be suitable for everyone, as there are plenty of other diverse options such as a steam train ride, brewery tours, Clay Shooting or even River Cruises. Only you can decide which will be most enjoyed by your particular clientele and which type of experience will likely bring the most benefit to your business in terms of giving your customers a positive experience that they will remember, and just as importantly, remember you and your business for providing that positive thought.

Money Well Spent

No matter what size of company we are talking about, from a giant corporation to a small start-up business, everyone has a budget to work to and we all want to get as much return from our outlay on advertising, sponsorship or corporate hospitality spend as we possibly can. For a personal experience and quality time spent with your existing or future valued customers, experience days can deliver excellent value for the money.

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